Best Pitching Style and Animation in MLB The Show 23

Five different styles to choose from.

by Christian Bognar
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MLB The Show 23 has a lot of customization designed to fit all sorts of playstyles, depending on the player’s preference. When pitching, players have leniency in deciding how they would like to pitch due to choosing one of five pitching animations and styles. But which one is best? Well, it depends on what you are going for—and this guide will go over all five and the benefits of each.

Which Pitching Style and Animation is Best in MLB The Show 23?

The five different pitching styles are as follows: Classic, Meter, Pulse, Pure Analog, and Pinpoint. Each style has a unique interface that can take a long time to learn for beginners or be considered easy from the start for returning players of the series. Below is a brief description of each style.

  • Classic – Just as the name suggests, this is the pitching style seen in all entries of The Show series. The classic pitching style is simple: all the player needs to do is aim and throw—and leave the rest of the skill, such as speed and velocity, to the pitcher’s stats.
  • Meter – The Meter pitching style is more complicated than the Classic, as two indicators on the meter need to be met for it to be a good pitch. The first indicator will dictate the pitch’s velocity, while the second will dictate the accuracy.
  • Pinpoint – Arguably the most challenging pitching style in MLB The Show 23 and should only be used by regular players of the series. Pinpoint requires both analog sticks—where the left focuses on the aim, and the right sticks are used to trace the pitch’s pattern. Using these two together has the player meeting two circles at the same spot. It requires the most focus and skill to perfect.
  • Pulse – This is as simple as the Classic pitching style, but instead of just aiming and throwing, the player focuses on a circle that pulses in the middle. Timing the pulse at its smallest will have the pitcher throw his best pitch with the highest accuracy.
  • Pure Analog – This can be described as the best way to emulate pitching through a controller and close to the Pinpoint pitching style. The player uses both analog sticks—where the left one is used for aiming the pitch, and the right one needs to be brought down and then toward the direction of the left stick—kind of like how pitchers raise their front leg and throw forward.

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Which Pitching Style Should You Choose?

When it comes to choosing a pitching style, it boils down to your skill level and how familiar you are with pitching in the MLB The Show series. A beginner may have a better chance at getting good by using the Pulse or Classic pitching style, as they are the most straightforward and simple to get down. Meanwhile, higher-level players may want the most realistic pitching style and choose the Pure Analog and Pinpoint route.

When it comes to accuracy, Pinpoint and Pure Analog will give you the best results if players end up mastering them. They take quite a lot of practice, but the effort will be well worth it as you will be a force to reckon with and become a top pitcher in the league and against your friends. If you are still stuck in the Minors, it could even help get you called up to the big leagues.

- This article was updated on April 11th, 2023

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