How to Get Called Up in MLB The Show 23

Earn your spot in the major leagues.

by Christian Bognar
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One of the best parts about MLB The Show 2023 is creating a player from scratch to become one of the best players the sport offers. Starting as a rookie to ending up as a legend—or a 99 club player— is what any player wants with their character, although there are some steps in between. One of these steps is to be called up to the big leagues, from minor league to the MLB, to show the world of professionals what he is made of. Are you trying to get called up but need help figuring out how? We got you covered.

How to Get Called Up to the Major Leagues in MLB The Show 23

During your Road to the Show, the beginning task is to get called up to one of the major league baseball teams. To do this successfully, you must have a higher overall rating compared to other players on your team of the same position and a high rating compared to other players around the league on different teams. This can be challenging, but there are ways to make this process easier.

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One way to make this easier is to change the game’s difficulty. Changing the difficulty will make other prospects easier to beat in terms of standings and overall rating, increasing your chances of being called up to the MLB. If you prefer not to lower the difficulty and are having trouble being called up, then you should take a second look at the position you are currently in.

For example, shortstops and centerfielders are some of the most competitive positions in the league, so your chances of getting called up when in these spots are challenging. One way to go about this is to analyze all positions in the league and find out which has the lowest amount of competition and then fit your player into that spot accordingly.

Becoming a pitcher is one of the easiest ways to get called up, as the major leagues are always looking for starting and closing pitchers, which means more spots are open. You still have to have a good overall rating, so you can’t put in half the effort.

- This article was updated on March 29th, 2023

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