Best Playstyle for All Redfall Characters

Which character fits your preferred playstyle the most?

by Christian Bognar
Redfall Review
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The great thing about Redfall is that it allows players to choose four characters that fit their playstyle best. The game makes it possible through three abilities that each character possesses, each so different than one another that it can change the gameplay experience. So what is your preferred playstyle? And who should you choose to fit that playstyle? In this guide, we will go over all characters in Redfall and what type of playstyle they fit into the most.

All Character’s Playstyles in Redfall

Whether you aim for stealth, aggressive gameplay, stunning and staggering enemies, or a supporting character — Redfall has an option for you.

Devinder “Dev” Crousley – Stunning and Staggering Enemies

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Devinder is best for players looking to use stunning as a primary way to play. Devinder is a strong hero who uses shock damage to his advantage, leading to stunning and staggering vampires and human enemies. Nothing is more satisfying than throwing his Arc Javelin into the ground and watching a group of enemies collects shock damage, unable to move, as you rain bullets on them.

His stunning abilities don’t stop there. He also has an ultimate move where he brings out a UV camera that stuns human enemies while turning vampires into solidified rock. Devinder can then run up to these rock enemies and kill them with either one bullet or a melee attack.

When I was playing through Redfall as Devinder, I found that if I accidentally missed the enemy I planned on stunning, I just used his Translocator ability to teleport Devinder away from the battle to let the previous abilities recharge for another try. As you get used to this character’s stunning skills — you will find that any enemy can be taken out quickly.

Layla Ellison – Aggressive and Fast-Paced

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Layla was the first character I played through Redfall with since I love playstyles that demand quick moves and thinking on your feet. Layla is the perfect example of this type of playstyle due to her telekinesis abilities. When you’re constantly in action and in the middle of battle, you must have ways to increase your defense and offense — Layla has both.

First, her umbrella ability is a way to block any incoming bullets from human enemies, making it the perfect tool to cast in battle constantly. At the end of the umbrella’s cycle, it will explode and damage everyone in proximity, making it ideal for crowd control. If you find yourself in a pinch and too surrounded — use Layla’s lift ability to fly above the playing field to a safer area while shooting down from mid-air.

To add to the aggressive playstyle, Layla’s ultimate allows her to summon her ex-boyfriend, who happens to be a vampire and will come into battle and fight alongside you. You and her boyfriend fighting against a wave of enemies is a great way to keep the action at a fast pace.

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Remedios “Remi” De La Rosa – The Perfect Support Teammate

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Remi is a character that is designed with co-op in mind. She is the best teammate a squad could ask for due to her distraction abilities and her healing everyone nearby. Every time I have jumped in a co-op match, everyone is constantly asking for someone to play as Remi considering Redfall is challenging, and without Remi’s healing — the chances of survival go way down.

First, she has her ability, “Siren,” which summons a robot to go into the midst of battle and distract all enemies. These enemies will then attack the robot instead of the player, allowing everyone to unload bullets into the enemy crowd. Pair this with her C4 charge, and she can cause a ripple effect explosion that could take out enemies in areas your team can’t even see.

Lastly, her support playstyle is elevated through her Mobilize ability, creating a considerable ring around her that heals everyone inside it. There’s nothing worst than being in a vampire nest, and nobody on your squad has a healing pack on them — it’s a good thing that Remi can use her ultimate to heal everyone back to 100%. Pick Remi if you want your squad to thank you for helping them survive the most demanding situations.

Jacob Boyer – A Focus on Stealth

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Jacob focuses on a stealth approach to gameplay. While Redfall isn’t the easiest to go unnoticed by vampires and human enemies — Jacob makes it much more possible through his unique abilities: Cloak and Raven.

Raven allows Jacob to send out his bird to mark every enemy in the area, even if they are behind walls or far away. His play style is about doing this first and then using his Cloak ability to become invisible and sneak up behind every marked enemy.

In my experience, before I went into any house or building, I would send my Raven directly through the building and then use my cloak to sneak inside an unlocked door — making zero sound. You can melee all enemies on their backs and potentially go undetected throughout the mission. So if you want to take a stealth approach to the entire story of Redfall — Jacob is your go-to choice.

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- This article was updated on May 3rd, 2023

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