Redfall Tier List: All Four Characters Ranked from Worst to Best

Who should you choose?

by Christian Bognar
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Redfall includes four characters to choose from, each with their own abilities. At the beginning of the game, you get to choose who you would like to take on this vampire adventure — but choosing who to pick can be intimidating, considering you won’t be able to go back and switch unless you start from scratch. Hopefully, this guide will be helpful for you as I have tried each hero and can confidently rank them from worst to best.

Top Heros in Redfall Ranked from Worst to Best

There are no terrible heroes in Redfall, but some are considered better than others. Below each name, we will go into detail about their skills and abilities and why they fit into their corresponding ranking spot.

Top Hero #4 – Jacob Boyer

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Jacob is a great character if you plan on taking a tactical approach and stealth route. While this sounds like a smart move in a game filled with enemies, stealth is likely the worst approach in Redfall. Even if you take a stealth approach and try to take all the enemies out in one area without being spotted, you will soon find that it takes way longer and is — quite frankly — not the most fun way to play.

Jacob’s first ability is Raven, which allows you to send a Raven to fly toward a building or open area and mark every enemy in proximity. This can make it easy to take out all the enemies quickly — but even when the skill is fully leveled up, the range is pretty weak. Next, he has the Cloak ability, which allows him to go invisible for a short time. The cloak is a great way to escape unseen enemies and help protect Jacob from damage.

Jacob’s Ultimate is Heartstopper — where he summons a ghostly rifle and fires on a group of enemies, locking on instantly. This is great in theory, but I rarely found myself in a good position to use this effectively, as enemies are usually behind cover or inside buildings — rendering it pretty pointless.

Top Hero #3 – Layla Ellison

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Layla takes a more aggressive approach to vampires and human enemies, summoning telekinesis powers for offense and defense. Layla is designed for players who like faster-paced gameplay.

Her first skill is Umbrella, which, when up, will protect from all bullets and then explodes once it deactivates. This explosion deals tremendous damage, which increases depending on how many shots it absorbs. Next, her Lift ability is a quick way to escape a challenging battle — such as up to a rooftop or over a fence.

Lastly, her ultimate ability brings in her vampire ex-boyfriend to distract and damage enemies in the area. This can be a massive help when vampires swarm you from all angles! Nothing was better than being on the last inch of my health bar, thinking it was over, just to summon Layla’s vampire boyfriend to save the day.

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Top Hero #2 – Remi De La Rosa

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Remi is for players who want to use explosives and technology to their advantage. She is probably the hardest to master — but once you get her abilities down and fully understood, she can be helpful.

She has three abilities: Siren, C4 Charge, and ultimate Mobilize. Siren summons a robot to distract enemies, making itself a target instead of Remi. This is a great way to take the load off the player and protect them from taking more damage leading to death. I loved to combine this with her second ability C4 Charge, by sending the robot out with a C4 attached, potentially killing a group of enemies.

Lastly, her ultimate Mobilize will create a rallying point where you and your allies are healed over time. This alone makes Remi the best teammate in Co-op play, as this ultimate skill can lead to teammates using fewer health packs and staying alive longer against the vampires.

Top Hero #1 – Devinder Crousley

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Devinder Crousley is the best hero in the game, mainly due to his ability to cause shock damage and stun enemies. This shock damage gives you time to take all enemies out with your gun, as they are stunned and incapable of attacking back.

He has three skills that make him work well: Arc Javelin, Translocate, and Blacklight. Arc Javelin deals shock damage by throwing a javelin into a group of enemies, stunning them and leaving everyone vulnerable.

His next skill Translocate can have Devinder teleport in and out of battle along with specific areas on the map. Translocate teleportation makes Devinder stand out from other heroes because he can access hard-to-reach areas quicker, which usually have high-leveled weapons and grave locks.

Lastly, Blacklight allows Devinder to solidify vampires and human enemies through a camera rig. This camera rig turns vampires into rock form, where you can then melee these rocks and kill each vampire in one shot. Blacklight is the best ultimate ability in the game.

I’ll give you my personal advice on how to make Devinder an unstoppable force against any challenging fight you encounter. First, throw down the Arc Javelin into the ground — stunning as many enemies as possible. Use your Translocate ability to get onto a higher ground quickly and start showering bullets onto the enemies below. Following these steps make it difficult for those who aren’t stun to follow you and gives you a great upper hand.

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