Best PS5 Settings for Jedi Survivor

Here are our recommendations for the best Jedi: Survivor settings on your PS5.

by Christian Bognar
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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor offers the player many customizable settings to fine-tune the game and make it more accessible. For those playing on consoles, changing some of the settings in the game menu is necessary to make the experience more pleasant, as some default settings can make the game even harder. Let’s take a look at the best PlayStation 5 settings for Respawn’s Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Best PlayStation 5 Settings for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Below you will find all the setting sections in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. These are the settings I found to be the best and create the best in-game experience. Feel free to adjust as you see fit, as most settings come down to preference.

Best Accessibility Settings

There is a critical setting in the Accessibility section that is a must, called Shortcut Controls. These shortcut controls allow you to replace the regular map button with four mappable buttons to insert whatever you like. For example, you can make one of the mappable buttons a quick shortcut to photo mode, which is great to have in a beautiful game like Jedi: Survivor.

  • Shortcut Controls – On

Best Control Settings

The controls section offers some customization to the controller to make the game feel more alive through vibration. Also, this section allows us to eliminate the “hold button” meter, which can be frustrating when you prefer things to happen instantaneously. Here are the best control settings for Jedi: Survivor.

  • Control Scheme – Default
  • Vibration – 100
  • Trigger Effects – On
  • Disable UI Input Hold – On

Best Gameplay Settings

Gameplay settings are used to fine-tune your gameplay experience by skipping fast through NPC talking sections, locking on in combat, and other options such as dismemberment in the battle to make it more gruesome for those who enjoy that. Here are the best gameplay settings in the game.

  • Dialogue Line Skipping – On
  • Auto-switch target on enemy death – Visible enemies only
  • Auto lock target in combat – Off
  • Button Mash Options – Default
  • Toggle hold pull – Off
  • Navigation Assist – On
  • Camera lock follow – Default
  • Arachnophobia mode – For those who hate spiders, turn this on.
  • Human dismemberment – On
  • Slow mode – Off

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Best Visual Settings

The visual settings are designed to help create the best-looking version of the game on your TV. Here are the best visual settings in the game.

  • Performance mode – On
  • Field of View – Widest
  • Motion Blur – On
  • Film Grain – Off
  • Chromatic Aberration – Off
  • Camera shake – 100%
  • Subtitles – On
  • HUD Scale – 100%
  • Hide HUD – Off
  • Color profile settings – Default
  • Stabilizing UI Dot – Off

Best Audio Settings

Audio default settings are spot on — so we recommend keeping everything as it is. If you feel like the music is too loud and want to hear the sound of combat more clearly, feel free to lower the music and raise the combat noises. This all boils down to preference.

- This article was updated on April 29th, 2023

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