Best Ragnarok Origin Knight Build

Here's how you can create a Tank Knight for strength and defense.

by Christian Bognar
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Ragnarok Origin is the mobile version of Ragnarok Online and brings over the complex RPG features. In Ragnarok Origin, players want to create the best build for their character as fast as possible. The game has six jobs: Swordsman, Mage, Acolyte, Thief, Archer, and Merchant. One of the best jobs of the six is the Swordsman, mainly because you can make it into a fierce Knight that deals devastating damage. This guide will cover the best Knight build, including where to allocate stats, equipment, and more.

Best Knight Build in Ragnarok Origin

To build the best Knight build in Ragnarok Origin, it is wise to go the tank route over the grinding route, as this is the best for PVP situations such as guild matches and arenas. The Tank build focuses on a one-handed sword as a weapon, utilizing a shield for defense. But before we get into specific equipment, let’s focus on where you put your stats.

Stat Allocation

From the beginning, your target should be to max out VIT which max out HP, defenses, and HP regen. As you focus on increasing this particular stat, you should also throw some points toward DEX along the way. Dexterity should be at least 10 to utilize this build effectively. Lastly, once those two above are met, you can put the rest of your points in magic defense or strength. There is a recap of where to put stats below.

  • Focus on VIT
  • Make sure DEX is at least 10
  • Magic Defense and Strength last.

Skills and Secondary/Passive Skills

As for skills, you will want to focus on damage output while utilizing provoke. Provoke is a great way to aggravate enemies without damaging them, separating them from other players. And as you bring the monsters to you, your tank abilities will be able to deal enough damage to take them all out — helping tremendously with crowd control. Endure is also essential here, as it will cause your character to flinch less during close encounters. Follow the stats below.

  • 10 Bash
  • 5 Fatal Blow
  • 10 Provoke
  • 10 Endure

You should apply the skills listed below when going into the skill tree’s Secondary and Ability/Passive sections.

  • 10 Sturdy Strike
  • 10 Lion Roar
  • 10 Iron Will
  • 1 Charge

The Sturdy Strike will help you take less damage, making this the perfect ability for a Tank build, while Lion Roar will apply additional debuff and damage on the enemy. Then Iron Will will shield your character whenever your HP is low, protecting you longer in challenging situations.

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Equipment, Accessory, and Modifications

After looking at numerous gear and equipment, we have found that the ones listed below are the most suitable for a Knight build. The weapon offers serious damage, while the armor absorbs the most damage during regular fights and bosses. Each gear helps pump up HP and Defense, making your character very difficult to kill. Follow the list below to suit up your Knight properly.

  • Nagan (weapon)
  • Cracked Buckler (shield)
  • Eden Group Uniform (gear)
  • Eden Group Cloak (gear)
  • Tidal Shoes (gear)

When it comes to accessories, this is up to your preference. Ensure that the accessory further boosts the tank’s strengths, such as increasing defense, HP recovery, or even attack power. The same goes for modifications or add on to the slots for weapons and gear.

- This article was updated on April 12th, 2023

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