Best Rainbow Six Mobile Settings: Sensitivity, HUD Layout, and More

Use these settings to maximize your full potential

by Christian Bognar


If you are looking for a way to make your settings in Rainbow Six Mobile more accessible for your play style, you have come to the right place. Since there are numerous ways to customize settings, finding the correct way to match them to your preference can be challenging. For a game that requires quick reflexes, you must have the best settings enabled to utilize your skills to their full potential. Whether it be sensitivity, improving HUD layout, or just controls in general, this guide will walk you through what we consider to be the best in all these categories.

What Is The Best Sensitivity Level For Rainbow Six Mobile?

Sensitivity is primarily determined by how fast you want to be able to turn in the game. Rainbow Six is the type of game where enemy players play cautiously and make minimal noise when moving, making them hard to detect with sound. Since sneaking up on players is generally easy in this game, you must prepare for situations like these by cranking up the sensitivity setting.

Considering people have different types of phones, it can be hard to give an exact number for this setting. An excellent way to customize this to your preference is to put your thumb into the middle of the screen on your phone and move it to the edge. If you can move the camera 180 degrees in one fell swoop, that indicates you’re at the right setting. If you can’t move 180 degrees, go into settings once again and adjust until you can finally accomplish this.

Best HUD Layout

The best way to play mobile shooters is by using the famous four-finger claw grip. Playing this game with only two fingers will grant you a difficult time, so it’s only wise to use this grip and utilize both index fingers and thumbs. Go to HUD layout in your settings and start dragging the icons around to match the bullet points below for this grip. This setup will take some time to get used to, but with some practice, it will be well worth it.

  • Aim button in the upper left-hand corner for aiming and leaning. (Left index finger)
  • Joystick at the bottom left-hand corner for moving. (Left thumb)
  • Firing, special abilities, melee attack, reinforcements, and crouching buttons all in the upper right-hand corner. (Right index finger)
  • Vault, reload, and switching weapons button all in the bottom right-hand corner. (Right thumb)

Optional Customizable Settings

There are other settings you can customize that aren’t as important as the ones noted above, but they are still worth mentioning. For example, if you don’t like the announcer or operator talking during your gameplay, you can go into audio and switch this setting off. It is essential to remember that if you turn this setting off, you can miss out on important information, such as the announcer letting you know when the enemy team spots the bomb.

Another setting to note is the aim assist ability turned off by default. Some people frown upon turning this on, considering it makes your aiming significantly better and doesn’t require as much skill, but if that doesn’t matter to you, definitely give this a go. Focusing less on aiming and more on shooting will create a more relaxing experience and allow you to get more kills altogether.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Mobile is currently in closed beta with pre-registration available now for Android and iOS.

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