Best Region Order in Wartales

Here is the best way to explore Wartales' regions.

by Christian Bognar
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Wartales is an open-world RPG where you are tasked to lead a group of mercenaries across various regions in search of wealth. The game features two exploration modes, and one of these modes makes a drastic change in the order of regions the player should explore.

The mode is called Region Locked Exploration, and in this mode, the enemies don’t scale according to your level and instead are set at a specific difficulty throughout each region. This fact alone makes it very important that you explore regions in the proper order to avoid getting killed easily. This guide will go over the best region order in Wartales.

Best Order of Regions in Wartales

Below is the best region order to follow in Wartales as this list starts with the easiest difficult to the most challenging.

  1. Tiltren
  2. Arthes
  3. Vertruse
  4. Ludern
  5. Grinmeer
  6. Dronbach

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This is the best order as it will provide the most steady incline of difficulty as you progress through the regions. It is important to note that you may come across side challenges and missions in the earlier regions that are too difficult to complete according to your level. That’s okay. You can always return to them as you level up more and complete them when ready.

Wartales can be an extremely demanding game, and it’s essential to learn all the mechanics offered to the player that can be used to their advantage — such as recruiting prisoners. It would be wise to learn how to recruit prisoners to make these regions more manageable.

These prisoners are a great way to increase your army’s size, strength, and even the carrying capacity allowed for men in your army. Just know that you must learn how to capture prisoners first, which requires purchasing chains from the nearest jail or prison cell and starting a battle. Check out our complete guide on recruiting prisoners as we walk you through the capturing process and recruitment.

- This article was updated on April 25th, 2023

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