How to Recruit Prisoners in Wartales

Here's how you can recruit prisoners and make your army stronger.

by Christian Bognar
Wartales How to Recruit Prisoners
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In Wartales, you must recruit prisoners to increase your army size, strength, and carrying capacity for all your men. Recruiting Prisoners is a complex process, though, and can be confusing if you need help understanding the fundamentals of how to do so. This guide will walk you through recruiting prisoners and how to officially add them to your army.

Steps to Recruit Prisoners in Wartales

Recruiting prisoners may take some time, but it will be well worth it for your army. The steps are as follows: buy chains, capture outlaw or bandit, take care of them, then recruit. Read on for a full explanation of how to complete each of these steps.

Buy Chains and Capture Enemies

The first thing players must do when it comes to recruiting prisoners is to capture an outlaw or bandit. To capture these enemies, you must purchase chains from any prison or jail cell from the NPC inside the facility. Chains usually cost around ten gold, a small price to pay for having the opportunity to increase your army size — although you will need multiple chains if you plan on capturing more than one.

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With your chains in your inventory, head to any area with a group of enemies and start a battle. Target an outlaw and attack him until just a little HP is left — increasing your chances of capturing him. Next, have one of your allies engage in combat with the outlaw you plan on capturing and have another ally sneak up behind the outlaw. You should now see the Knock Out ability on your hotbar. Press the button and that outlaw is now your prisoner. Put these prisoners in stocks at your camp to ensure they don’t escape.

How to Recruit Prisoner for Your Army

Once you have captured the prisoner, you can make the necessary steps to recruit that captured prisoner. The key to recruiting prisoners is all about building up trust between the two of you. You can build trust by tending to the prisoner’s wounds and providing them with valuable items such as toothpaste and a barber kit. Most importantly, make sure you feed them on a regular basis. Once enough trust is there, you can recruit the prisoners to your army!

- This article was updated on April 24th, 2023

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