Best Reticle Color Settings in Apex Legends

Reticle colors galore!

by Gordon Bicker


Apex Legends has a vast abundance of settings for you to alter to your liking and this list of settings even expands to the reticle color you have within the experience. You are able to set it to anything that you would want to have while aiming and with the sheer variety of colors you can choose you may be wondering what some of the best colors are. It will be a combination of personal preference and strategy for the answer to that. Still, there are certainly a few colors that can give you an advantage and an even better user experience if you enjoy one color over another. This guide article will take you through the best reticle colors in Apex Legends.

Best Reticle Colors in Apex Legends

In order to provide you with an efficient way to analyze the positives of each reticle color chosen, a table has been created for the article which you can skim through and get all the information you need to find. Furthermore, when choosing a certain color, as long as you have the setting positioned to the general area of the given color then you can alter the exact setting a bit to get a shade of the color you prefer. Without further ado, here are the best reticle colors in Apex Legends.

Reticle Color Benefits
Purple There is a lot of great benefits with a purple color for the reticle. It is personally one of my favorites in terms of aesthetics. Furthermore, since not many objects in the game are going to be purple; it also contrasts a lot on the screen allowing you to get the perfect shot on your enemy much quicker.
Neon Green If you are looking for a reticle that a lot of professional players utilize a lot then Neon Green is a color that is ideal. Due to the fact that it is extremely clear to see as with many other colors on this list, it makes it a great option of color.
Neon Pink Pink is always an option for a great reticle. Generally, not many people will be making use of this color but that’s what makes it so unique. If you want a color that screams your personality but at the same time offers a visually distinct look. Neon pink is a wonderful choice.
Electric Blue Electrify your gameplay experience with a stylish blue color for your reticle. The definition of what electric blue is can vary from person to person. However, if you have a light to dark blue that stands out and is striking in visuals you will no doubt have an electric blue color. The Electric Blue color can be excellent for snipers as it tends to fully contrast anything on the screen. If you utilize a lot of snipers this may be the reticle color for you.
Red A best reticle color list wouldn’t be complete without the mention of red. It can be any sort of red color that you prefer and they will always tend to offer the same benefits. Visually distinct again in terms of contrast and also can not be overwhelming for you when aiming. This is a great all-rounder reticle color.
White The classic color! Although it is simply the base reticle color for many games, there is a reason for it. The color doesn’t detract from any other element on the screen. Slick, efficient, and well-known, this is the go-to reticle color for many.

There are certainly a lot of brilliant colors you can choose for your Reticle and when going through the settings and getting the slider on a color that suits you best you will no doubt be enjoying truly customizing your experience. Time to get tap strafing in style with these reticle colors.

Apex Legends is available now and can be played on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, IOS, Android, and PC.

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