Best Skills to Unlock First in Wanted: Dead

Time to gather all of the important skills.

by Gordon Bicker

Wanted: Dead players have a lot of skill choices on offer to them so it is no surprise that people may be wondering what skills to get first in the experience. Before they even encounter the potential of playing a Crane Game in the headquarters, players will be getting acquainted with their skill trees in the game and work through them. This article will take you through everything you need to know about the best early skills in Wanted: Dead.

Best Early Skills in Wanted: Dead

There are plenty of skills in the game to choose from and they are split into three distinct skill trees. These are Offense, Defense, and Utility. Shown below are some of the skills that you will want to aim for and unlock as quickly as possible in the experience.

  • Bullet Time — This is the very first skill you can unlock in the Offense skill tree but we would recommend prioritizing getting this skill first as it will provide a lot of damage potential and help.
  • Extended Dodge — Allows you to perform a Dodge Roll instead of just side-stepping.
  • Armor Reinforced — You will take less overall damage so it is extremely important to acquire this skill.
  • Charge Attack — This will let you perform an attack that you can charge up and deal more damage with your blade during the slash.
  • Dash Attack — When you are sprinting you can attack to stun the enemy and go for a follow-up attack since the skill lets you attack the enemy.
  • Cortez: Sleeper Hold — Cortez will sometimes grab an enemy and when they are let go of you can then perform a finishing strike to eliminate them immediately.
  • Severed Arm Finishing Strike — Whenever you slice an opponent’s arm off you can perform a finishing strike on them which overall means you will be eliminating enemies even quicker in combat areas.

What Are the Best Late-Game Skills in Wanted: Dead

Some of the best skills are unsurprisingly found near the bottom of each skill tree. Skills such as Doc: Revive Overdrive are immensely helpful for getting the extra boost of adrenaline after getting revived. However, Stimpack Recovery Up in the Defense tree is also equally important as it will make sure you regain more health after a Stimpack usage.

For those who prefer a personal touch with a blade and handgun then the Handgun Counter Follow-up will be greatly helpful as it has a lot of severing potential allowing you to go in for a finisher to the opponent you are facing. Instead of changing your firing mode, you could always simply make use of this combo.

Wanted: Dead is available at this very moment for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.