Best Submachine Guns in COD Mobile

Dominate on the go with these guns

by Christian Bognar

COD Mobile‘s recent updates have applied some nerfs and buffs to various guns for multiplayer. With many guns to choose from, it can take some time to try them all and get a feel for what is best. The submachine gun class is for those who like to play aggressively while dealing with a heavy amount of damage output on the battlefield. We will share our top five picks for the best submachine guns in COD mobile and explain why we think they come out on top.

Top 5 Submachine Guns in COD Mobile

Below are the top 5 submachine guns that provide the most consistency compared to other submachine guns in the game. These can clear a room quickly in close-range combat; some even help you take out your opponent from a distance if you find yourself in mid-range combat. Here are the top 5 best submachine guns from great to best that will have you maximizing your kills in a match.



This gun has recoil that takes some time to get used to, but once it is mastered, it is an absolute beast. PPSh-41 should be mainly used for close-range gunfights, so you should play aggressively to flank and get up close to your enemies. Playing tactical is also smart here, as you can dominate those who enter your area without knowing you are there.

KSP 45


This one is more leaned toward players who naturally have great aim. The KSP 45 has the smallest burst spread among its competitors, and the burst recoil is low, making it perfect for close-range gunfights. The only area it lacks is gunfights that require range, so ensure you are always aware of your position to your opponents on the battlefield and try to close the gap.



The QQ9 is famous for its ability to dominate in head-on gunfights thanks to its high damage output and high-speed fire rate. The time to kill is fast in close-range combat, having you kill your enemy quicker than most guns available in-game. It is lower on this list due to the recoil not being very significant, affecting the possibility of being accurate all the time. Still, the ability of this gun to clear a room makes up for its one downfall.



This SMG recently received buffs in recent patches, making it one of the best guns in the game. The high damage output and a high-speed fire rate make this a tough one to compete with. Accuracy is more leaned towards close-range gun fights, but the accuracy is good enough to get yourself out of a pickle taking out someone from mid-range. The recent buffs also increased the movement speed, making it perfect for sprinting and shooting playstyle.

Switchblade X9


This is hands down the best SMG in Cod Mobile. The accuracy is top-notch for close-range and mid-range gunfights, with damage output being on the higher end. Not only that, but the minimal recoil on this gun makes it easy to land hits on your targets effectively. Playing aggressively and rushing toward your opponents is the name of the game with this gun, and the gun’s fast-paced mechanics make it challenging for your enemies to react. If you land your shots first before your opponent does, you are more than likely to win, considering the time to kill is significantly fast.

Now that you are all set with your submachine guns check out our picks for the best assault rifles in COD Mobile. These picks will pair perfectly with any of these submachine guns by using the Overkill perk. Once you master using these guns, make sure to add style to your gameplay by unlocking Diamond camo!

Call of Duty Mobile is available now on mobile devices.

- This article was updated on November 1st, 2022

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