Best Upgrades in Dead Space Remake: Suits, Weapons, and More

Isaac will become an absolute beast with these upgrades!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Are you wondering what the best upgrades in Dead Space Remake are? Dead Space Remake has a ton of upgrades available for your suit and weapons, so it can be hard to know exactly where you should spend your Power Nodes. Also, remember that Dead Space Remake is built to be played in multiple playthroughs, so you cannot upgrade everything at once. This means you must prioritize your upgrades by making a game plan before you even reach the bench during the first part of the game. So then, where should you begin? Here is everything you need to know on the best suit and weapon upgrades in Dead Space Remake.

Best Upgrades in Dead Space Remake: Suits, Weapons, and More

Here is the definitive guide on upgrading your suit and weapons in the Dead Space Remake. This includes all the information you need to use The Bench to make the best suit and weapon upgrades possible to ensure your survival.

How Do I Upgrade in Dead Space Remake?

You must do a few things before you can upgrade your suit and weapons in Dead Space Remake. First, you must access a bench that provides you with lots of options for upgrading. Second, you must obtain Power Nodes, which can be lootable items in the world or containers. You can also sell junk or unwanted ammo to earn enough credits to purchase more Power Nodes. Third, if you want to access more advanced upgrades, you will need to upgrade it by finding Upgrade Parts.

Best Suit Upgrades in Dead Space Remake

Here are the best suit upgrades in Dead Space Remake:

  • RIG Type: Upgrade your RIG type from Standard to Miner (as well as the additional types when able). Upgrading your RIG type will upgrade your suit with damage resistance and inventory capacity.
  • Health: Upgrading your Health will increase your total health, meaning you will survive longer. This will also refill your health to full, which is extremely powerful, especially in higher difficulty levels like Hard or Impossible.
  • Kinesis Module – Range: You will want to upgrade the Range of the Kinesis Module once. This will make picking up items from long distances easier and help you with a challenging boss fight later in the game.
  • Stasis Module – Duration: Upgrading the duration of your Stasis Module will help you deal with enemies when playing on harder difficulties. Remember that Isaac does less damage but receives more damage, so the longer an enemy is in stasis, the easier and safer it will be to kill.
  • Stasis Module – Energy: Upgrading the Energy of your Stasis Module will provide you with additional Stasis slots, meaning you can hold more stasis shots. The more stasis shots you have, the longer enemies are safely away from you.

Best Weapon Upgrades in Dead Space Remake

Here are the best weapon upgrades in Dead Space Remake:

  • Plasma Cutter – Damage: The Plasma Cutter is the best weapon in the game, and by focusing on this weapon, only you will set yourself up for success.
  • Plasma Cutter – Ammo Capacity: The ammo capacity increase may seem like a quality-of-life upgrade, but you will be thankful you picked this upgrade later in the game when a reload can lead to your untimely death.

Dead Space Remake is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

- This article was updated on January 27th, 2023