Best Way to Catch Fish Fast in Fortnite

Get to catch'n!

by Noah Nelson

One of the newest weekly quests in Fortnite asks you to catch fish. This is a five-step quest that nets you 16K XP for each step. The quest starts by requiring one fish and increases by five for each step. In total, you’ll need to catch around 50 fish. If you want to complete this quest in one match and earn a quick 80K XP, here’s how to catch fish quickly in Fortnite.

Easy Method to Catch Fish in Fortnite

While working toward the next Midseason drop skin, the easiest way to catch a lot of fish fast in Fortnite is to land at Slappy Shores or Breakwater Bay. Both of these POIs have a lot of fishing poles which you’ll need to use to catch fish, so snag one and head to the open sea.

If you’ve cleared the area, then you can safely begin fishing from shore. Simply look into the water and fish areas where fish are swimming in a circle. When you’re ready, cast your fishing rod and press the trigger button when the bobber drops below the water. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a fish. If you’re not so lucky, you’ll get a pretty nice gun or two.

After you have fished all of the spots from shore, jump into the nearest boat and start driving close to the shoreline. When you stumble upon a circle of fish, simply switch seats, pull out your fishing rod, and try to catch some fish. If you go south along the shoreline from either Breakwater Bay or Slappy Shores, you’ll be collecting tons of fish in no time.

Keep in mind that each fishing circle has the potential to give around two fish each. Also, completing this quest is easier solo since you won’t have to fight over catches with your teammates.

And that is how you catch fish quickly in Fortnite. As mentioned earlier, if you’re quick and lucky, you’ll be able to complete all five of these steps in one match. More than likely, it will take you a few matches to fully complete, but you can work on other quests in the meantime like where to find Slap Juice.

Fortnite is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

- This article was updated on January 10th, 2023

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