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Not all weapons are created equal.

by Christian Bognar
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Mordhau has tons of weapons to fit every sort of playstyle. However, not all the game’s weapons are created equal, as some are overpowered, while others are pretty worthless and should be avoided at all costs. This guide features a tier list that covers all weapons in Mordhau and briefly explains why each weapon fits into its specific tier.

Ranking All Weapons in Mordhau

Below is the grid consisting of all tiers and all weapons on Mordhau. Continue reading past this grid for all weapon’s strengths and weaknesses in a brief description.

S TierHalberd, Eveningstar, Greatsword.
A TierThrowing Knives, Zweidhander, Messer, Pole Axe.
B TierWar Axe, Battle Axe, Executioner’s Sword, Bardiche, Cleaver.
C TierSpear, Rapier, Falchion, Maul, Throwing Axes, Arming Sword, Mace.
D TierBillhook, Short Spear, Basic Axe, Estoc, Dagger, Longsword, Warhammer, Bastard Sword.

S Tier – Halberd, Eveningstar, Greatsword

All these weapons in the highest ranking tier are worthy due to their strength and versatility. The Halberd has a serious damage output and an extended reach, so players don’t need to get too close to enemies — especially with its wide-sweeping attack that tremendously helps crowd control.

Next, the S tier is the Eveningstar. This powerful weapon is for players who want to act like a tank while not having to give up speed in the process. This quick and strong build that this weapon helps to create makes it the perfect weapon for 1v1 battles.

Lastly, we have the Greatsword, the best weapon to use if you are a beginning player. The reason is that its moveset is so simple to use without sacrificing any of the power behind the weapon. Players can get a lot of kills with this weapon — even if they are just starting up Mordhau for the first time.

A Tier – Throwing Knives, Zweihander, Messer, Pole Axe

These weapons are very powerful but fall below the S tier only because they may require more skill to master. First off are the Throwing Knives, which, when used by a skilled player, can take down enemies from a great distance or significantly damage them. They can act like shurikens, for example.

Next, the Zweihander is similar to the Halberd but slightly slower to wield. This doesn’t make it a bad weapon, considering the slowness makes up for the incredible damage it lands on the enemy. Also, the weapon’s reach is top-notch, which helps in group battles — it can be troubling in 1v1, though.

The Messer is next in this tier and plays just like the Greatsword, but it is slightly worse due to slower attacks. The Messer does more damage than the Greatsword, but considering it takes a lot more time to master due to the speed, it deserves to be in the tier below the better version.

The Pole Axe is great for players looking to keep their distance from enemies and prevent them from getting close. The reach of the Pole Axe is unmatched and deals pretty good damage, making the player wielding this weapon challenging to get the jump on.

B Tier – War Axe, Battle Axe, Executioner’s Sword, Bardiche, Cleaver

These weapons are great and can be devastating in an elite player’s hands. First, the War Axe is a powerful weapon with unpredictable movesets, making the player wielding it extremely difficult to read. Also, the weapon’s speed is high, so the enemy must stay on their toes.

Next, the Battle Axe falls into this tier due to the similar characteristics that the War Axe has. It has more reach than the Battle Axe but has less power and deals less damage than the former. Between these two weapons, it is really up to the preference of the wielder.

Executioner’s Sword has one of the best sweeping attacks in the game that helps with crowd control. While this is true, a lot of skill is required to make this weapon reach its full potential. If the Executioner’s Sword didn’t have a difficult moveset, this weapon would appear in the S-rank instead.

Next, the Bardiche is an excellent weapon for players who know what they are doing. One of the highest damage outputs in the game when mastered, but it has the highest learning curve in the game as well. Also, it is hindered due to the predictable attacks it includes.

Lastly, the Cleaver is a great weapon for players looking for speed and agility. What keeps it from being a phenomenal weapon is that its reach is extremely short — forcing players to get close and personal with the enemy.

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C tier – Spear, Rapier, Falchion, Maul, Throwing Axes, Arming Sword, Mace

These weapons could be so much more, but their shortcomings hurt them. First up is the Spear, which has a fantastic reach to keep enemies at a distance but could be better due to its atrocious moveset. The Spear only has one move, making it simple for the opponent to predict what the wielder will do next.

Next, we have the Rapier, which is similar to the Spear. The focus is long-range poke attacks, and it’s faster than the Spear, making it an overall better weapon. But, this doesn’t make up for the fact that the Rapier scales poorly — making it one better left untouched.

The Falchion is not a terrible weapon, but it doesn’t do anything phenomenal to push it up a rank. Everything about this weapon falls into the “decent” range. This includes decent damage output, decent range, and decent speed. But the thing about Mordhau is that players need at least one of these to be top-notch, and instead, this weapon provides just an “okay” experience in all categories.

Next is the Maul, which can deal an insane amount of damage — only if you can land a hit on the opponent. The reach on the Maul is extremely low, and the speed is nothing to write home about. If you consider yourself a skilled player, this could be the weapon for you because once you land a hit on the opponent, they are most likely dead.

Throwing Axes are great when you plan to use them against an unaware enemy. What I mean by this is that they deal significant damage from a distance, but the animations are so easy to predict that when an enemy sees it coming — they will dodge it easily. So if you plan on using the Throwing Axes, ensure the enemy has their back turned.

Next, the Arming Sword is okay, considering it has fast attacks and a cheap cost. Still, the basic attacks make it nothing to write home about, and players soon realize that they can’t beat skilled players with it, so players should skip this Sword.

Lastly, the Mace can be a strong weapon depending on the wielder. It can quickly kill enemies but is so excruciatingly slow that wielders often find themselves missing — making this one frustrating to master.

D Tier – Billhook, Short Spear, Basic Axe, Estoc, Dagger, Longsword, Warhammer, Bastard Sword

Surprisingly, many weapons fall under the D tier and are considered useless in the game of Mordhau. First, we have the Billhook, which the only thing going for it is its unique moveset animation that can throw the enemy off. But why does this matter when it does almost no damage when it hits?

The Short Spear isn’t the worst weapon in the world, but it’s in the D tier mainly because there are weapons that are aimed to have the same playstyle. Plus, the other options are so much better regarding damage and reach. Just go with the standard Spear if you want a spear weapon.

Next, we have the Basic Axe with a simple moveset that beginners can quickly learn. But once learned, players will soon realize that the damage output is meager, the reach isn’t remarkable, and skilled players will read past its moveset quickly — leading to death upon the wielder.

The Estoc can be a horseback rider’s friend, considering it is easy to wield while riding a horse. But, all players will find that you don’t spend much time on the horse, which makes this weapon pointless — because once off the horse and on the ground, it is weak compared to other options.

The only thing going for the Dagger is that it features a quick moveset. That doesn’t help, though, when its reach is the smallest in Mordhau. Also, when a hit finally lands in close quarters, it doesn’t do much in the damage department.

The Longsword falls into the D tier mainly because the focus is primarily 1v1 battles and not against large groups. It is basic and is usually where beginners drift too, but once they start getting their butt whooped — the weapon is discarded and forgotten.

The Warhammer has alternating movesets, giving off the perception that it has a lot of capabilities. But this is false, and these alternating movesets don’t matter much when it doesn’t deal much damage. When you look at this weapon, you would think it deals devastating blows — but this is not the case.

The Bastard Sword is one of the worst swords in the game when we look at all its stats: low damage, low reach, and low everything. Also, the fact that its moveset is similar to other swords in the game means there is no reason to pick this Sword over its higher-ranked counterparts.

- This article was updated on April 19th, 2023

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