Best Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Character Creation Codes: Customize Your Character

Are you on the hunt for incredible Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty characters?

by Gordon Bicker
Image of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty
Image: Koei Tecmo

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has a lot of brilliant features within the game and one, in particular, is the character creation system. Players are also able to share codes for others to use to generate any sort of character that they have created. This article will take you through some of the best Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Character Creation codes.

Best Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Codes to Use in Character Creation

Samsung Sam | Code: WLS-eZHWcrYCCmzzG

Up first is none other than Samsung Sam. Many people will be familiar with this person thanks to the viral internet posts about the character cropping up almost everywhere. This character is a recreation of her and will allow you to go into brutal battles with her.

Ashen Haired Woman | Code: WLP-SpF+/a7YyK?42

This is an absolutely beautiful character code for anyone. It is perfect for those looking for a character that gives off Ciri vibes from The Witcher. Not just that but she also works extremely well with a lot of various hairstyles meaning you can opt for anything that you may like.

Saw | Code: WLP-smpAgNi%wZXkX

One character which we thought wouldn’t make an appearance was Saw but he certainly has. With the red spirals present and all. This can add a horror injection to anyone’s gameplay. The bright red eye color is also a nice touch.

Azog | Code: WLP-%ks+F+ew7SFpY

A player even decided to create Azog from The Hobbit in the game. There is an impressive level of detail given to the overall character. Whether it’s the battle-worn scars or the overall structure of muscle. oEmersonKs (the creator) should give themselves a pat on the back for this one. As should all the creators in this article.

Chun Li | Code: WLP-%rcB+jqMckNex

If you are a Street Fighter fan then this highly faithful recreation of Chun Li will be brilliant to have as a character. You can go toe to toe with incredibly tough opponents while wielding actual weapons this time with Chun Li.

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Michael Jackson | Code: WLP-y2KsuRf&wchCD

If you are looking to bring a legendary pop star back to life in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty then you won’t have to look much further than this code. TowerOfMG has created a close to a realistic portrayal of Michael Jackson within the game.

Fire Lit Eyed Character | Code: WLX-mBf?u8Ljx9heQ

With the golden jewelry which hangs by the character’s ear, there is an incredible character here with golden supernova eyes. A fierce appearing character who has a tattoo just beneath the left eye. This adds even more style and beauty to the design.

jiāngshī | Code: WLP-ZrtbLT&A%zJ7E

This character certainly has a lot of brilliant precise details that are implemented across the creation. The page in front of the face is a wonderful decision. Not only that but you can feel the overall jiāngshī vibe from the way the designer has opted to make the character look aesthetically.

How to Enter Character Creation Codes in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

In order to enter character creation codes you will have to go to the ‘Save/Additional Features’ menu when inside the character creation screen. There will be a button that has on it ‘Enter Character Creation Code’ and you will need to press this. From there you can enter the code with your platform signifier attached. Any platform can make the same characters but you need the Signifier present as follows.

  • PlayStation – WLP
  • Xbox – WLX
  • PC – WLS

There are certainly plenty of excellent character creation codes made by other players available. This means you can slay enemies with style while wielding your precisely chosen weapons. No matter what sort of look you are going for with your character — you should be able to find what you need with a creation code.

- This article was updated on March 3rd, 2023