Bloodroots Achievement List Revealed

There are 33 achievements

by Gavin Burtt
Bloodroots achievement list

The achievement list for Bloodroots, which released on Xbox today and is free for all Game Pass subscribers, has also been revealed, and we have it here. There are 33 achievements in the list, identical to the 34 trophies in the PlayStation list from last year, minus the platinum trophy. A fair amount of achievements in this game are story-related, some are collectible-related, while others will even reward you for dying a bunch.

Users are claiming that assist mode does not disable achievements, so if you’re an achievement hunter looking to knock out the 1000G as easily as possible, or if you’re just looking to top your friends leaderboard this month, assist mode will be your friend. This game also has no secret achievements.

Bloodroots Achievement List

  • Brought Home the Bacon – 20G
    Complete Act 1
  • Bison bison Bison bison bison bison Bison  – 20G
    Complete Act 2
  • Something to Crow About – 20G
    Complete Act 3
  • “Dark and Silent and Complete.” – 30G
    Complete Game
  • King of the forest – 20G
    Unlock the Bear Hat
  • Keeper of the deep – 20G
    Unlock the Fish Hat
  • Foul creature of excess – 20G
    Unlock the Boar Hat
  • Spry scout of the underbrush – 20G
    Unlock the Deer Hat
  • Gentle giant – 20G
    Unlock the Dog Hat
  • Underappreciated ungulate -20G
    Unlock the Bison Hat
  • Courier of the woods – 20G
    Unlock the Rabbit Hat
  • Protector of ponds – 20G
    Unlock the Frog Hat
  • Cleverest bird in the sky – 20G
    Unlock the Crow Hat
  • Haberdash-em-up – 70H
    Unlock all hats
  • His Darkest and Most Precious Secrets – 20G
    Find your first wolf
  • An American Black Wolf in Tarrytown – 70G
    Find all hidden wolves
  • The Spice of Life – 30G
    Kill every enemy in a level with a different weapon
  • C-C-Combo Maker! – 30G
    Finish any level in one continuous Combo
  • Hold Me Closer, Bullet Dancer – 30G
    Get a perfect score for Mobility in any level
  • The Politeness of Kings – 30G
    Get Perfect Timing on half the kills of a level
  • Honorary Blood Beast – 30G
    Get a score greater than 1,000,000
  • Meep Meep – 30G
    Finish any level in Act 2 in under 3.5 minutes
  • “I will chop your heads off!” – 20G
    Kill 25 enemies with an Hatchet
  • “The Honeymoon Was Killer” – 30G
    Kill 50 enemies with an Hatchet
  • “12:15 (Earthly Time) on Next Tuesday Night” – 60G
    Kill 100 enemies with an Hatchet
  • Took a Wrong Turn at Albuquerque – 60G
    Kill 100 enemies with a carrot
  • “Permission to Come Aboard?” – 60G
    Kill 100 enemies with a fish
  • An Ode to Flint – 30G
    Set 500 enemies on fire
  • Showoff – 30G
    Don’t use any weapons for a whole level
  • Marco Polo – 20G
    Search for the last enemy of an area
  • One Room From Retirement – 20G
    Die at the hands of the last enemy in an area
  • “Ned Ryerson!” – 30G
    Die 50 times in a single room
  • “There Are Other Worlds Than These” – 30G
    Die 100 times in a level

Based on the unlock rates of the platinum trophy in the PlayStation version up to this point, the Bloodroots achievement list should not be a hard one to max out. The achievements that will likely cause you the most trouble are for finding all of the hidden wolves, collecting all of the hats, earning a score over one million, and beating a level in Act 2 in under 3.5 minutes.

Bloodroots is available to play on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. It is available for free for Game Pass users.