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Bravely Default 2: How to Farm JP Early

A rare monster is the source of big JP gains early on.

by Victor Vellas


With over 23 Jobs found in Bravely Default 2, it is no wonder someone would look for ways of farming some extra JP early on into their adventure. Besides, with the game’s highlight being its Boss fights, who are quite challenging to say the least, so a little boost is justified. There is no wrong of maxing out a Job or two a little earlier than usual, so why not give it a try? If that what you’ve been thinking as well, you found the correct place.

How to farm huge amounts of JP early

What you need to do, is very simple. You need to beat again and again a certain rare monster that appears on the first map of Bravely Default 2, close to Halcyonia. That monster is called Leannan Sith, and is the rare spawn with the lowest level in the game, hence making it an easy target even early on. To be precise, being at level 8 minimum  and with a couple of Swords at hand, you can make quick work of this plant-like lady.


Leannan Sith is located at the far north of Halcyonia, near the Hydrangea Hills dungeon. If you take a look at the picture above, she is found at your left before entering the mentioned dungeon. She is resting there both at daylight and within the night, so no worries about a specific time frame. All you have to do before battling her, is to first have your Freelancers maxed out. The reason for this is to grab their JP Up and JP Up and Up abilities, in order to gain from the fight x1.7 the amount of JP you should normally get. That’s a significant difference so make sure to take advantage of those passives.

By having your Freelancers leveled up, you should also have access to the Body Slam ability. The specific skill is stronger the more weight you have on your character, so make them as heavy as they get, and simply spam it with everyone. After 2-3 turns, Leannan should be knocked out easily, but make sure to heal up if you happen to receive any damage in the process.


After the fight is done, you receive a whopping amount of 210 JP, which is further increased if you have the Freelancer’s passives equipped. This amount is huge for so early into the game, so farm the specific rare monster for as long as you like. If you enter the dungeon right next to you, and come back, she respawns right away so you can keep doing this for a while. Leannan is so good for farming, that even at mid to late game she is a great spot to farm JP, with minimal effort. I can literally one shot her at the point where I am right now, so it takes seconds to get over 350 JP like that. Maxing out your Jobs was never easier, so give it a try.

Bravely default 2 is exclusively available on the Nintendo Switch.


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