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Bravely Default 2: How to Get Monstrous Medley

Monstrous Medley is the best Monster Treat you can have in order to farm efficiently.

by Victor Vellas


There is a very unique way of farming dozens of enemies in a very short time, in Bravely Default 2, and that would be by using Monstrous Medley. What this is, is one the game’s so called Monster Treats. And what these treats are you ask? Well, they are consumable items that increase the waves of enemies that come at you while in a single fight. In result, the battle ends up rewarding you with more EXP, PG and JP gains for your characters. Monstrous Medley in particular is the best of those unique food-like items, and I’ll explain below why, while also mentioning how exactly you can get a bunch of them.

How to get Monstrous Medley in Bravely Default 2

In your adventure in Bravely Default 2, you will end up finding a good number of different Monster Treats. There are treats for every enemy type in the game, like humanoids or aquatic monsters. The Monstrous Medley is simply the best out of them, due to being able to lure every single type of the game, while not limiting yourself to hunt a specific type.

After using one of these treats, the specified types will charge at you after having a heart icon above their head, indicating that they are actually drawn by it. As mentioned above, the Monstrous Medley will do this to every monster out there, so things will be much simpler with it. After you jump into battle, the lure increases the waves of enemies that come at you, with one wave entering the battle right after the previous one is defeated. I’m sure you already get the idea, so let’s now see how you can actually get some Monstrous Medley.

There are three ways of obtaining Monstrous Medley within the game. The first and most inconsistent, is by progressing through the story and doing side quests. A couple of them reward Monstrous Medley, but as you’ve already guessed, there is only a limited amount you can get this way. Which brings us to the next two methods, with one of them being quite spoiler-ish, so you’ve been warned.


First, we have a method you can use to get loads of these items without paying anything at all. It is however tied to a rather late fight into the game. That would be a battle against a rare monster, namely the abomination Jormungandr. You can easily find its location and whereabouts in our guide over here.

While you can get Monstrous Medley by simply defeating the monster, it is not advised as a farming method since it is based on luck for the creature to actually drop the consumable, and because the fight itself is really difficult, if you are not leveled up enough and have a good setup ready. Therefore, we are going to get the item in an other way, which would involve stealing. Not real life stealing of course, don’t worry, but rather utilizing the Thief Job in game. What you need to do is the following:

  • Get a total of 8 Thief Gloves and equip all of them to your party. One pair can be found as you progress through the dungeons, and you can then buy the other 7 from the Shop in Rimedhal.
  • Have every character’s Thief Job at least at level 10. (to speed up the process, level 12 is recommended, but it’s optional)
  • Have every character’s Beastmaster Job at level 8.
  • Equip to every character the ‘Magpie’ passive ability of the Thief tree.
  • Equip to every character the ‘Spearhead’ passive ability of the Beastmaster tree.
  • Equip to everyone any Spear you have in your inventory.
  • Change the main job of everyone in the party to Thief. Sub-job doesn’t matter.
  • (Optional) Equip to every character the ‘Rob Blind’ passive ability

For some of you, this may look familiar, and indeed is as it is the same exact setup you need in order to farm some JP Orbs fast, as we explained in this guide here. We bring back this specific Thief build, since we will be using the same exact tactic. With all of the above ready, get into the fight with Jormungandr and simply keep stealing from it until you get the multiple Monstrous Medley items. After you successfully got what you wanted, just escape the fight instead of trying to finish it. You can repeat this whole process by simply entering and exiting the graveyard, as Jormungandr will respawn each time.

The next and final way of getting the desired Monster Treat, is extremely effortless, but needs you to reach the game’s Chapter 7, which is the very last one if you are trying to get the true ending. After you trigger this chapter, all you have to do is to visit Mag Mell’s Shop. There, you will be able to buy as many Monstrous Medley items as you want, along with the rest of the treats. The Shop has also some of the strongest equipment you can get, so feel free to check these out too.

And that is how you can get as much Monstrous Medley as you like. It may not be the simplest way, but considering the item’s rarity, it’s a surprise you can even farm it with certain methods in first place. Grab as many as you need and farm your way to max level, the easy way.

Bravely default 2 is exclusively available on the Nintendo Switch.


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