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Bravely Default 2: How to Unlock Dragoon Job

Let's see when and how you can unlock the Dragoon, one of the coolest Jobs Square Enix ever introduced.

by Victor Vellas


If a poll was started in order to vote for the coolest Jobs Square Enix ever included in their games, the Dragoon would be for sure among them and it is no surprise that is included in Bravely Default 2. Always with a Spear in hand, these high jumpers are a classic powerhouse to every game they’ve been into, with AOE attacks and draining opponents of their MP and HP. If you are looking when and how you unlock this awesome Job, you are in good place.

How to get the Dragoon Asterisk

Normally, the Dragoon would be the first Job you would unlock in Chapter 3, however, it is very likely you bumped into another Asterisk holder before this one, namely Glenn. He is the owner of the Salve-Maker Asterisk, and he is an optionable Boss fight, if you decide to chase this handy Job. Therefore, if you actually did, Martha the Dragoon is actually the second Asterisk holder you will encounter. Martha is an acquaintance of Adelle and longtime friends. As events unfold after you reach the icy-frozen city of Rimedhal, you are now asked to go to the Serpent’s Grotto, a little further to the north from this town. In there, after traversing through some frozen corridors, you reach a cave with a giant Dragon in it that requests your help. Alongside him, Martha, his trusted guardian, eventually challenges you to a sparring fight.


Agreeing with her and eventually beating her, will of course earn you the Dragoon Asterisk. The fight itself is not that hard, as at this point of time you already grinded some levels and maxed out a couple of Jobs to handle things efficiently. If you need help tough, feel free to check our guide over here.

Dragoons are masters of the Spear and all about damage. Their kit focuses around strengthening their AOE abilities, as well as their trademark skill ‘Jump’. Their passives can function really well with other Jobs, so don’t hesitate to experiment with other damage-type Jobs like the Berserker and you will be a force with outstanding power.

Bravely default 2 is exclusively available on the Nintendo Switch.


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