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Bravely Default 2: How to Unlock Salve-Maker Job

See how you can find another of the optional Jobs in Bravely Default 2.

by Victor Vellas


Bravely Default 2 brings back an old favorite of mine, the Salve-Maker Job and all of its potion-crafting goodness. Not only that, but this time around it’s an optional Job, which you can easily miss if you are only following the game’s main story. You need to first reach Chapter 3 to have access to it, so find out below how you can earn this oh-so unique class.

How to get the Salve-Maker Asterisk

As I mentioned, you need to first pass through the Wayward Woods and enter Chapter 3. This can be done right after defeating Folie and her creepy painting. Exit the woods, and suddenly you find yourself in a snowy area, with a small town nearby. That would be Enderno, so get in there and approach a house on its northeast side. Get in there and a side-story event will unfold.

In order to avoid spoilers, I will leave the story telling for you to find for yourselves, but what’s important is that you need to complete a very brief side-quest, in order to unlock the ‘dreamland’. As the game informs you, you won’t be able to return for a while until you finish your business to that place. Essentially, you are trying to help a certain person’s brother, to wake up from an illness.


Getting into this dreamland, you need to traverse through the small dungeon-like area, until you meet the same person who originally asked for your help, Glenn. Glenn is the brother of the sleeping person, Glynn (yes, those are their names), and also the owner of the Salve-Maker Asterisk, the second optional Job in Bravely Default 2. Again, I won’t spoil the reason why Glenn is supposedly the bad guy in this dream, but what’s important is what you’ve already guess by now. He is the Boss you need to defeat here, which in return completes this side task and earns you the Salve-Maker Job and Asterisk.

I can’t even stress how helpful Salve-Makers are, considering that in the first game of the series, they were completely broken, leading to some crazy levels of power when used correctly. They are a support type Job, mostly focusing on healing, but that is simply the tip of the iceberg. They can do much more than just that, as the Job’s gimmick is to experiment with items and potion-crafting, so expect some very interesting combinations in the future, after some testing of course. Both the Gambler, which is the first optional Job you find, and Salve-Maker can lead to some really fun results, so don’t be afraid to use them in your setup.

Bravely default 2 is exclusively available on the Nintendo Switch.


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