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Bravely Default 2: How to Unlock Oracle Job

If you were looking the Haste ability, there you have it.

by Victor Vellas


The time bending Job of Bravely Default 2, the Oracle, is the last Job you unlock in Chapter 3, marking the beginning of the next adventure Seth and his friends need to endure. Able to control the field with Slow and Haste, the Oracle may seem a little underwhelming as a main Job, but it truly shines when combined as a sub-job with Black Mages and the likes. Giving access to the infamous spell Hastega, this Job is a true reward for completing a Chapter fully.

How to get the Oracle Asterisk

With Helio and Gladys out of the picture, you are finally closer to ending the sinister plot that unfolds right below everyone’s nose in Rimedhal. After you claimed their Asterisks, you now need to head to this frozen city and watch a couple of cutscenes to see the story progressing further. There is a huge plot twist in regards to one of your party members, which I will of course leave it for you to see in game without spoiling anything. After everything is done and you regain control over your character, you now need to go to the Hall of High Hollies, at the very top of Rimedhal.


The dungeon itself is quite straightforward, with a couple of hidden walls for you to break if you want to get every chest in there, so simply follow the quest arrow until the very end, and get ready to face Domenic, the owner of the Oracle Asterisk. Domenic is responsible for everything cult-wise that is happening behind the scenes, so after beating him you now put an end to this whole scheme and you earn the Oracle Asterisk, as expected.

The Oracle Job provides some extremely good bonuses to Black Mages with their Speciality I, and they have the Hastega spell, one of the most helpful support-type abilities in the game. Just for this alone it’s well worth it to have at least one of your party members equipped with this Job, to take advantage of the awesome buffs it provides. After checking it out, get ready for ending Chapter 3 and continue with the story.

Bravely default 2 is exclusively available on the Nintendo Switch.


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