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Bravely Default 2: How to Unlock Pictomancer Job

Express your artistic side with Bravely Default 2's Pictomancer.

by Victor Vellas


It is without a doubt that if you want to look for a unique Job in Bravely Default 2, the stylish Pictomancer would be one of your first choices. With a brush in their hand and only their imagination as the limit, these artists are masters at sabotaging opponents by hindering their overall performance. Being able to disrupt them in many ways, Pictomancers fit quite the niche role in your party.

How to get the Pictomancer Asterisk

The Pictomancer can be found almost at the end of Chapter 2. With all of Elvis’s acquaintances being brainwashed during this Chapter, you begin a marathon of claiming back their lost minds. After your last confrontation with the Shieldmaster Asterisk holder, Galahad, you now have successfully restored everyone’s normal self back. With everyone gathered, you seem to find some odd paintings around Wiswald, which of course are hints for finding the real culprit behind this whole scheme. That would be Folie, the little girl who owns the Pictomancer Job Asterisk.

As such, your last task before engaging with her is to pass through a very small cave corridor, from inside Wiswald, and find her at the very end of it. She is the 4th and last Boss of Chapter 2, so expect a good fight from her and her creepy art. If you need help with the fight, make sure to read our guide here.


As always, beating a Boss means you get their Asterisk, and this is indeed the case with Folie too. Now an owner of the Pictomancer Asterisk, you can use their whole kit to be annoying at enemies, while also grabbing some extremely helpful passives. One of them reduces the BP cost of your sub-job abilities by 1, which is opens a completely new way of using such skills, and even further enhancing your sub-job’s viability. Express your inner artist and take advantage of Pictomancer’s awesome tools.

Bravely default 2 is exclusively available on the Nintendo Switch.


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