Can You Pet the Dog in Honkai Star Rail?

Are you wanting to pet the dog in Honkai Star Rail?

by Gordon Bicker
Image: miYoHo

Honkai: Star Rail players have no doubt met the character Pom-Pom (shown above in the hat), the cute conductor of the Astral Express — but some have been wondering more about petting a dog instead. That is of no surprise as Peppy will be interacted with by many players during their playthrough of the game. This article will let you know if you can pet the dog in Honkai: Star Rail.

Is Peppy the Dog in Honkai Star Rail Pettable?

Many players will be thrilled to find out that Peppy can indeed be petted but not in the way you might expect. The adorable dog won’t showcase any actual physical signs of being petted but it will just be you choosing dialogue options. There are a few choices for this and they are shown after you choose to play with it, these are as follows.

  • (Pat its head)
  • (Touch its paws)
  • (Scratch its belly)

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Even though you won’t be able to see any animations for Peppy when the petting is going on, you can happily think about how sweet they would look. Everyone tends to love being able to pet dogs in games so we are pleased to see the inclusion of it within this game.

Where is Peppy in Honkai Star Rail?

Now that you’ve found out you can pet the dog in Honkai Star Rail, you may be wondering where Peppy is actually found. You will be able to locate Peppy on the Herta Space Station — a place you will venture back and forth to a lot. At the north of the Master Control Zone, you will find Peppy on the right side in front of an apparent vending machine.

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Note: I am currently playing through Honkai: Star Rail on PC for guides until it releases on PlayStation 5 (there is certainly plenty to enjoy) and finding Peppy absolutely can be a highlight of anyone’s day.

- This article was updated on April 27th, 2023

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