How to do a Follow-Up Attack in Honkai Star Rail

Crush your foes with this mechanic in HSR!

by J.R. Waugh
Honkai Star Rail Follow Up
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Honkai: Star Rail feels distinctly more inspired by classic RPGs than other HoYoverse games lately. This is thanks in part to its turn-based battle system which allows you to carefully consider your actions and wreak havoc upon your enemies. But one mechanic that might be elusive to players just starting is the Follow-Up Attack in Honkai: Star Rail, which can be instrumental for some clutch plays in the game. If you master them, you can take an “I feel like winning” approach to your next battle.

How Do You Execute a Follow-Up Attack in Honkai Star Rail?

Only certain characters with a talent that allows either a follow-up or counter Attack can use this mechanic in Honkai: Star Rail. These attacks happen automatically and independently from your regular moves, meaning that if you plan out your team comps well, you’ll stack lots of powerful, free moves.

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The characters currently known to have the ability to execute follow-up or counter-attacks in HSR can do so based on their Talents listed. These often have direct conditions to execute follow-up moves, and are possessed by the following:

ClaraBecause We’re FamilyEvery enemy who attacks Clara is marked with Mark of Counter and hit with a counter attack by Svarog, equal to 80% of Clara’s ATK.
HertaFine, I’ll Do It MyselfWhen an ally’s attack causes an enemy’s HP percentage to fall to 50% or lower, Herta will launch a follow-up attack, dealing Ice DMG equal to 25% of Herta’s ATK to all enemies.
HimekoVictory RushWhen an enemy is inflicted with a weakness break, Himeko gains 1 point of Charge (max 3 points.) At 3 points, Himeko instantly attacks all enemies as a follow-up dealing Fire damage equal to 70% of her ATK.
Jing YuanPrana ExtirpatedAutomatically summons Lightning-Lord at the start of the battle. Its attacks are considered follow-up attacks. Each attack by Lightning-Lord is equal to Jing Yuan’s ATK on a single enemy, with adjacent foes receiving 20% of that damage.
March 7thGirl PowerAfter a shielded ally is attacked by an enemy, March 7th instantly uses a counterattack dealing Ice damage equal to 50% of her ATK, which can be used up to twice in a turn.

As you can imagine, this can result in some powerful builds capitalizing on this mechanic. It’s also important to remember that while some characters use counter instead of follow-up attacks in their talents, counters are explicitly considered by the game to be a follow-up.

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Finally, remember that you can enhance your builds with Light Cones that favor follow-up damage, such as ‘The Birth of the Self’ for Herta. Be sure to use this information to go into the game and overwhelm your enemies!

- This article was updated on April 27th, 2023

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