Can You Save [Spoiler] from Dying in Hogwarts Legacy?

by Tom Cunliffe
Professor Fig Funeral Hogwarts Legacy

Professor Fig is a beloved character in Hogwarts Legacy and one of the only major deaths in the game. Toward the end of the main storyline, your character is faced with a difficult choice, which appears to impact the fate of everyone’s favorite mentor. But is it possible to save Professor Fig from dying in Hogwarts Legacy? Was learning those Unforgivable Curses a mistake?

Can You Prevent Professor Fig From Dying in Hogwarts Legacy?

Image: Attack of the Fanboy / WB Games

Unfortunately, you cannot save Professor Fig from dying in Hogwarts Legacy. No matter your choices throughout the game, Professor Fig will die in the final main quest. The way he passes away, however, is based on your choice of whether you opened or contained The Final Repository.

If you choose to contain The Final Repository, then Professor Fig will express his pride for the player character and the love that Miriam would have for them before joining his departed wife, her wand clutched to his chest. If you choose to open the Repository, Fig will, instead, be crushed to death without a final monologue. Lovely.

Professor Fig‘s funeral will play out precisely the same way, regardless of your chosen ending. A conversation at the end of the funeral with Ominis or Sebastian will change depending on your decision during the In the Shadow of Fate side quest.

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Does Professor Fig’s Death Affect Hogwarts Legacy’s Post-Game?

As expected, Professor Fig will be absent from his office after the game’s conclusion. Luckily, there are no missable achievements or side quests following Fig’s death, as he is only involved in the game’s main story.

An epilogue becomes available once the player has completed the game and has reached Level 34, which involves the end-of-year ceremony and the announcement of the winner of the House Cup.

You’ll likely need to earn a few levels to experience the true conclusion to your journey at Hogwarts, so why not brush up on what each map icon means in Hogwarts Legacy to find the best side activities and earn some experience points?

- This article was updated on February 21st, 2023