Hogwarts Legacy: Should You Turn [Spoiler] in?

Punishment or redemption?

by Tom Cunliffe
Not Turning Sebastian In Hogwarts Legacy
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Sebastian Sallow has one of the most interesting questlines in Hogwarts Legacy. His desperation to find a cure for his sister leads him down a dark path of temptation and forbidden magic. Toward the end of the game and his relationship line, you must choose between two difficult choices that affect the rest of Hogwarts Legacy’s story: should you turn Sebastian in or let him go?

Hogwarts Legacy In the Shadow of Fate: Should You Turn Sebastian In?

Image Via: Attack of the Fanboy/WB Games

Following Sebastian’s use of the Killing Curse (Avada Kedavra) on his uncle in In The Shadow of Fate, Ominis will call you to the Undercroft to ask for your advice. You will be given a choice between “We should turn Sebastian in” and “We must not turn Sebastian in.” Unlike most morality options in Hogwarts Legacy, this choice significantly impacts the story.

Do not turn Sebastian in if you want to learn any Unforgivable Curses you have missed. He will offer to teach you any Unforgivable Curse you’ve missed in the Undercroft if not turned in.

If you don’t want to learn Unforgivable Curses or already have all three, you can safely choose either option. The A Sallow Grave achievement/trophy can be earned regardless of your decision.

Without going into spoiler territory, this choice affects whether Ominis or Sebastian will be involved in the game’s ending. Full details of the consequences of both options can be found below.

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What Happens If You Turn Sebastian In in Hogwarts Legacy?

If you decide to turn Sebastian in, he will be absent for the remainder of Hogwarts Legacy, and any missed Unforgivable Curses will no longer be learnable. Ominis Gaunt will talk to you at the end of the game instead of Sebastian.

After telling Ominis that Rookwood was the one that cursed Anne, he says that he will inform Sebastian of your revelation and comments that he told the headmaster what happened. You can visit Ominis in the Undercroft later to discuss Sebastian‘s fate.

Sebastian is expelled and awaiting trial. Upon hearing that Rookwood was the one to curse Anne, his anger for goblins and dark wizards “only grew.” His reaction to this news is vastly different if you choose not to turn him in.

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What Happens If You Don’t Turn Sebastian In in Hogwarts Legacy?


If you decide not to turn Sebastian in, he will be present for the remainder of the game and will teach you any Unforgivable Curses you don’t own should you wish to dabble in a little dark magic.

Sebastian will talk to you at the end of the game, allowing you to tell him who cursed Anne. Although he initially denies this, he soon realizes that his hatred for goblins is unfounded and apologizes. Later, you can return to the Undercroft to discuss Sebastian‘s future.

Sebastian tells you Anne agreed not to turn him in, as “the guilt [he’ll] have to live with is punishment enough.” He also laments about Anne’s refusal to speak with him and that he feels he has lost both of his family members. In this ending, Sebastian is regretful and wishes to seek redemption rather than descending further down the dark path set out for him.

Shadow of Fate Choice Summary

Choosing to turn Sebastian in:

  • Sebastian will be absent for the rest of the game.
  • Ominis will replace Sebastian in the game’s ending.
  • Any missed Unforgivable Curses can no longer be learned.
  • Sebastian‘s hatred for goblins will grow.

Choosing not to turn Sebastian in:

  • Sebastian will stay present for the rest of the game.
  • Sebastian will be involved in the game’s ending instead of Ominis.
  • Missed Unforgivable Curses can be learned at any time.
  • Sebastian will apologize and rethink his unfounded disdain for goblins.

- This article was updated on February 20th, 2023