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Chivalry 2: What Classes and Subclasses Are Available

Master each class to become a true paragon of the battlefield.


Chivalry 2 has a handful of different classes for players to choose from, and each has additional subclasses that alter how they play. Think of each class and subclass in Chivalry 2 as a separate role within your team. Each has different strengths and weakness that’ll better assist your team as you push for victory. All four classes are available from the start in Chivalry 2, but you’ll need to dedicate some time to playing each if you want to unlock every subclass available.

Chivalry 2 has 4 primary classes with a total of 12 subclasses.

There are four primary classes in Chivalry 2 – Archer, Vanguard, Footman, and Knight – each with a selection of subclasses that alter how each primary class is played. The first subclass for each primary class is unlocked from the start, and to unlock the others you’ll have to gain experience as that class while playing the game. Finally, if you’d like to see all the weapons available to each class in Chivalry 2 check out the article here that has all the available weapons listed by class.

The four classes and their subclasses are:

  • Archer
    • Longbowman – long range pest, but has poor melee.
    • Crossbowman – medium range with good damage and can heal their team, but has to stand still to reload.
    • Skirmisher – short range (throwing weapons), but has access to a shield.
  • Vanguard
    • Devastator – has access to the largest weapons in Chivalry 2 and can use them without a movement speed penalty. Only has a knife as their secondary and low base health.
    • Ambusher – melee/ranged hybrid that uses throwing weapons and speed to assassinate opponents.
    • Raider – can carry two primary weapons and has a horn that heals allies.
  • Footman
    • Poleman – long weapons with excellent reach, and can use the Knight’s Tackle ability.
    • Man-at-Arms – uses a smaller shield and weapon than the Guardian, but in effect is more nimble.
    • Field Engineer – support subclass that sets traps and barricades. Heals for 25% of their health when they heal a teammate. Can’t really hold their own in a fight.
  •  Knight
    • Officer – melee/support/ranged hybrid that’s great for new players: uses solid melee weapons, has throwing knives, and can heal with their horn.
    • Guardian – the Man-At-Arms bulkier cousin that is effectively Chivalry 2’s tank class. Stands back and takes a beating while teammates flank to finish off distracted foes.
    • Crusader – the Knight’s version of the Devastator. Slower though due to the movement speed penalty, but has access to more powerful two handed weapons.


The first subclass for each class in Chivalry 2 is unlocked out of the gate (Longbowman, Devastator, Poleman, and Officer), and to unlock the others you simply need to play the game as the associated main class. The second and third subclass for each class is unlocked at levels 4 and 7 respectively.

The more points you earn in a match the faster you’ll unlock the additional subclasses. Complete objectives, get kills and assists, and try not to smack your teammates to maximize how many points you earn in a match. Additionally, each class and subclass has alternative weapons available to them, and these too are earned by leveling up the primary class. Again, it behooves you to play the objective and to efficiently get kills if you plan to level as fast as possible.

Chivalry 2 is available now on PC (Epic), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

- This article was updated on:June 11th, 2021

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