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Chivalry 2 How to Crouch

Duck and cover.


Whether you’re looking to dodge an archer’s arrow, or simply make yourself more difficult to hit, knowing how to crouch is mandatory in Chivalry 2.  It’s a simply command whether you’re playing on the Xbox, PlayStation, or PC versions of the game.  In this guide we’ll give you the button/key to crouch in Chivalry 2, regardless of which platform you are playing on.

How to Crouch in Chivalry 2

  • Xbox – Press in and hold the right thumbstick
  • PlayStation – Press in and hold the right thumbstick
  • PC – Hold Left Ctrl

There are plenty of ways to check the controls in Chivalry 2 if you run into any other issues.  On PC you can simply pull up the controls by pressing the F1 button to check key bindings and controller if using it.  If you don’t like the default controls you can also change them to anything you want.  Simply head into the Keybindings section of the options menu and reorganize the controls in any way you see fit.

Just starting out in the world of Chivalry 2?  Check out the available weapons to use in the game.  Not sure on which faction to choose?  This guide will give you insight on whether you should pick the Agatha Knights or the Mason Order. 

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