Crime Boss: Rockay City Cast – All Characters and Voice Actors

This cast kills.

by Noah Nelson
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Arguably the best part of Crime Boss: Rockay City is the star-studded cast. To bring the gang war energy to life, these famous actors have added their talent to Crime Boss: Rockay City. While the writing isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, the acting given by these incredible actors is enjoyable.

All Characters and Voice Actors in Crime Boss: Rockay City

Similar to how GTA V brings on famous people like Snoop Dogg and Eminem, Crime Boss: Rockay City aims to make a name for itself by enlisting the help of well-known actors.

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It’s hard to decide if Crime Boss: Rockay City is trying hard to be funny or trying to be serious but failing miserably at it, but one thing that isn’t up for debate is how well these actors do in this game.

  • Crime-Boss-Rockay-City-Michael-Rooker
  • Crime-Boss-Rockay-City-Vanilla-Ice
  • Crime-Boss-Rockay-City-Danny-Glover
  • Crime-Boss-Rockay-City-Danny-Trejo

Here is the entire cast of Crime Boss: Rockay City.

  • Travis Baker – Michael Madsen
  • Touchdown – Michael Rooker
  • Casey – Kim Basinger
  • Nasara – Damion Poitier
  • Gloves – Danny Glover
  • Chuck Norris – Chuck Norris
  • Hielo – Vanilla Ice
  • The Dragon – Danny Trejo

There are, of course, other voice actors that make up the enemies and companion soldiers in Crime Boss: Rockay City, but they aren’t well-known screen actors like the ones mentioned above.

Some of the other voice talent in Crime Boss: Rockay City include Alex Veadoc, Craig Stevenson, Dana Blasingame, Sally Colon-Petree, and Kerby Joe Grubb, who also is the main writer for Crime Boss: Rockay City. All of these voices work together to create unique characters in the game.

Whether you are looking forward to the special performances in Crime Boss: Rockay City or are looking to dodge this game altogether, when any game pulls major screen actors into a video game, it is cause for attention.

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