Dead by Daylight Rebecca Chambers Survivor | Abilities, Perks, Leaks, and More

The medic has got her work cut out for her, so be sure to bring her lots of coffee.

by J.R. Waugh


Dead by Daylight Chapter 25: Project W is upon us, and it appears to introduce the newest wave of DLC characters for the hit multiplayer horror game!  The newest characters include the deadly Albert Wesker, harnessing the Uroboros virus; Ada Wong, the enigmatic spy with her own motives and penchant for undermining or outright destroying the organizations she supposedly works with; and Rebecca Chambers, compassionate former S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team medic with biochemistry expertise.  The characters represent a strong array of abilities and fit well in unique roles as additions to the DBD roster.  Read on for our coverage of Rebecca Chambers in Dead by Daylight!

Dead by Daylight Rebecca Chambers Survivor | Perks and Leaks

Rebecca Chambers appears as she did in Resident Evil 0 and 1, with her Bravo team medic gear on full display, and place her firmly as a strong support character and a good counter to The Mastermind, Wesker.  Her listed perks, according to leaks (so take with a grain of salt) are:

  • Better Than New – Temporary speed boosts for allies.
  • Reassurance – Temporary relief to struggling allies.
  • Hyperfocus – Complete skill checks at increased speed.

These indicate Rebecca as potentially a big efficiency booster and a good character to have on hand against Wesker, even if you don’t have the First Aid Spray items dropped at the beginning of trials as a counter to his Uroboros infection.

Dead by Daylight Rebecca Chambers Survivor | Abilities and More

Rebecca Chambers appears to fit the role of medic rather nicely in Dead by Daylight, being at her best either when starting generators or offering speed boosts for allies looking to escape Wesker or to counter some of the deadly effects of his Uroboros infection.  Combine this with Ada’s Wiretap and Low Profile abilities, and you’ve got a solid tag team capable of tracking the killer and getting those gates open ASAP.

This concludes our coverage of Rebecca Chambers in Dead by Daylight!  The DLC, Chapter 25: Project W, is listed as Coming Soon, so keep your eyes out for updates and guides!

Dead by Daylight is available on all current and major platforms and has crossplay enabled, so check it out and have fun!

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