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Death Stranding: How to Repair Vehicles

Got a rusty or busted motorcycle? Here's how to fix it.

by Kyle Hanson


Finding your first vehicle can be a truly revelatory experience in Death Stranding (see how to find vehicles here). The game is built on systems that are inherently tough and frustrating. Once you have vehicles, all of those annoying things can be overcome thanks to the speed and efficiency of the devices. But as with anything in this world, vehicles take damage and age. Whether it’s from Timefall or just slamming them into rocks over and over again as you try desperately to make it over another moutain top, eventually your trike or truck is going to break down. There is something you can do, but it differs from how you repair cargo and other items. To help, here’s how to repair vehicles in Death Stranding.

How to Repair Vehicles

The answer lies in those Safe Houses you’ve been building up a supply of. Yes, your trusty cargo healing spray won’t cut it when it comes to vehicles in Death Stranding. Even Timefall Shelters won’t fully repair them. If you want to repair whatever vehicle you’re currently using you need to take it to the nearest Safe House and park it for a bit. Just like when you want to fully heal Sam Porter Bridges, the complete repair package requires the use of your Private Room.

Head to the closest Safe House, whether it’s a Knot City, Distribution Center, or player built location, and park your vehicle on the large circular landing that takes Sam to his Private Room. If you’re driving one of the MULE trucks or other large vehicle, it might not fit, though this seems to unlock the further you get into the game. For trikes though, they’ll always make it. Park them on the circle pad and then choose to go to the Private Room. Once you exit the vehicle will be repaired completely. Alternatively, if you don’t also need to heal Sam, you can pop it into the garage. Just choose to store the vehicle in the garage from the terminal nearby. Retrieve it and you’ll be good to go.

And that’s how to repair vehicles in Death Stranding.

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