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Death Stranding: What to do with the Nuke, Where is Fragile in Episode 3

Where to take the nuke

by Kyle Hanson


Near the end of Death Stranding’s quite long Episode 3 Sam encounters a very odd courier who hands him a mysterious package. It’s destined for South Knot City, but things just don’t seem right. Sam may not see it, but his inventory screen does. It’s a bomb. A small nuke to be precise, and you need to take it to Fragile to set off the next event in the story. But this sequence can be a bit confusing, especially since most previous missions were so straightforward. So let’s break down what to do with the nuke and where is Fragile in Episode 3 of Death Stranding.

What to do with the Nuke

If you’re like me you’ll take the nuke and drive straight to South Knot City. I wasn’t really paying close attention and didn’t follow what the game was trying to tell me. Sure, I knew it probably would not go well, and it didn’t. If you don’t mind a reload of your game feel free to head there to see what happens. It’s explosive, but not all that interesting. What you’re actually supposed to do with the nuke is take it to Fragile. And while you may think she’s in the city, she’s not. So let’s go on to tell you where Fragile is in Death Stranding’s Episode 3.

Where is Fragile

Well, she’s not in South Knot City, I can tell you that. Nope, instead she’s at the nearby Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City. Man the city names in this game can be confusing and frustrating. Anyway, head there and then rest in your Private Room. You’ll encounter Fragile and she’ll set off the rest of this mission.

Going back to what to do with the nuke, at this point you have to take it to the massive crater near the city. It’s going to explode, so you need to get it somewhere safe. Get it there however you can, perhaps taking a vehicle, then you just need to toss it in. Offload it onto the ground and pick it up with L2 or R2. Then just hit Square and release the trigger to throw it.

And that’s what to do with the nuke and where is Fragile in Episode 3 of Death Stranding. Now on to Episode 4!

- This article was updated on:November 8th, 2019

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