Demonologist Cursed Possession Locations: Where to Find All Cursed Items

Find and either use these with caution, or avoid entirely.

by J.R. Waugh
Demonologist Cursed Possession Locations
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Demonologist is the talk of the town with some of the spookiest in-game scares around. It might be an obvious clone of Phasmophobia, but many nuances point to it being a suitable alternative for thrill-seeking horror gamers. One way Demonologist differentiates itself is in its Cursed Possession locations, for those seeking items to aid them in identifying the evil spirits inhabiting the game’s maps. Thankfully, we’ve dived where to find them.

Where Are the Cursed Possession Locations in Demonlogist?

Unlike in Phasmophobia, there’s no singular fixed location for each type of Cursed Possession in Demonologist. Each time you load up the map, there’s one Cursed Possession out of three possible types, in one of several fixed locations depending on what the item is.

While the Abandoned House map can often have fewer predictable spawn locations for the items in the game, Cyclone Street and beyond can keep players on their toes.

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As the story continues to develop and we confirm our findings, additional maps will be added to this list in the future. However, you’ll find the exact locations for the Ouija Board, Tarot Cards, and Voodoo Doll listed below:

Demonologist Cursed Possession Locations: Abandoned House

The Cursed Possession items can be found in locations scattered about the Abandoned House map in Demonologist, but you’ll quickly find that certain types of items spawn in certain spots. This is the case with any map in the game, unlike in Phasmophobia where one type of item spawns in one spot only for any given map.

Ouija Board Locations

  • Demonlogist-Cursed-Possession-Locations-Abandoned-House-Ouija-1
  • Demonlogist-Cursed-Possession-Locations-Abandoned-House-Ouija-2
  • Demonlogist-Cursed-Possession-Locations-Abandoned-House-Ouija-3

The Ouija Board is the easiest of the Cursed Possessions to find in Demonologist, and also one of the most straightforward, rewarding yet risky items to use. The locations of the board can easily be spotted as it often sticks out, but we’ll keep you posted on any additional sightings.

Tarot Deck Locations

  • Demonlogist-Cursed-Possession-Locations-Abandoned-House-Tarot-1
  • Demonlogist-Cursed-Possession-Locations-Abandoned-House-Tarot-2
  • Demonlogist-Cursed-Possession-Locations-Abandoned-House-Tarot-3

The Tarot Cards are likely the hardest items to spot in any given run in Demonologist. They maintain a low profile, but much like any Cursed Possession, they have a telltale glow that gives them away. Use them with caution, but with a similar understanding to how they’re used in Phasmophobia.

Voodoo Doll Locations

  • Demonlogist-Cursed-Possession-Locations-Abandoned-House-Voodoo-1
  • Demonlogist-Cursed-Possession-Locations-Abandoned-House-Voodoo-2
  • Demonlogist-Cursed-Possession-Locations-Abandoned-House-Voodoo-3

Voodoo Dolls are reasonably easy to spot, reflecting light well given their white fabric. They’re potentially dangerous to use, but fit the vibe perfectly, and are helpful if you’re looking to clear those optional objectives.

Cursed Items: Cyclone Street

Once you’ve reached level 3 in the game, you’ll unlock a new map with a basement, a main floor, and one floor upstairs. The main and upper floors are more typical, modern household locations, but you’ll quickly see a broken-down wall leading to a creepy, hidden basement section from yesteryear.

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Naturally, we explored each of these floors and found a greater, more consistent variety of Cursed Possession locations in Demonologist, listed below.

Ouija Board Locations

  • Demonologist-Cursed-Possession-Locations-Cyclone-Street-Ouija-1
  • Demonologist-Cursed-Possession-Locations-Cyclone-Street-Ouija-2
  • Demonologist-Cursed-Possession-Locations-Cyclone-Street-Ouija-3
  • Demonologist-Cursed-Possession-Locations-Cyclone-Street-Ouija-4
  • Demonologist-Cursed-Possession-Locations-Cyclone-Street-Ouija-5

The Ouija Board is even more noticeable in this slightly larger, trickier map in Demonologist. It’s an especially helpful asset should you choose to use it, such as for asking the ghost where it is.

Tarot Deck Locations

  • Demonologist-Cursed-Possession-Locations-Cyclone-Street-Tarot-1
  • Demonologist-Cursed-Possession-Locations-Cyclone-Street-Tarot-2
  • Demonologist-Cursed-Possession-Locations-Cyclone-Street-Tarot-3
  • Demonologist-Cursed-Possession-Locations-Cyclone-Street-Tarot-4
  • Demonologist-Cursed-Possession-Locations-Cyclone-Street-Tarot-5

The Tarot Cards are easy to miss while playing the Cyclone Street map. They appear sometimes well-blended with the environment, but as always are helpful to find.

Voodoo Doll Locations

  • Demonologist-Cursed-Possession-Locations-Cyclone-Street-Voodoo-1
  • Demonologist-Cursed-Possession-Locations-Cyclone-Street-Voodoo-2
  • Demonologist-Cursed-Possession-Locations-Cyclone-Street-Voodoo-3
  • Demonologist-Cursed-Possession-Locations-Cyclone-Street-Voodoo-5
  • Demonologist-Cursed-Possession-Locations-Cyclone-Street-Voodoo-4

The Voodoo Dolls are still easier to find than the Tarot Cards on Cyclone Street, but also benefit from better camouflage on this map. There are more white backgrounds to blend into, so keep your eyes peeled as you explore the floors.

The Hospital (or Больница, Bol’nitsa as stylized in Cyrillic letters) can be reached once players achieve Level 10 in the game, and can require a bit of grinding. As this story develops, we will also release its Cursed Possession locations for Demonologist, as well as all upcoming maps like the Kurosawa House.

For now, use these locations carefully and strategically, and please, please don’t swear at the Gul if you find one. It will go poorly if you’re not careful, so you’ve been warned. Not from personal experience or anything, for sure.

- This article was updated on April 11th, 2023

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