Destiny 2 Crews Control Triumph Guide: How to Summon Each Crewmate as a First Mate

Ahoy first matey!

by J.T. Isenhour


The Season of Plunder in Destiny 2 has been ramping up and as players get access to more seasonal features they are getting closer to completing the seasonal triumph. One part of the seasonal triumph is to summon our pirate crew when they have achieved first mate rank. This means we need to upgrade the three types of crew members we can call in Destiny 2 up to first mate status and then summon them. Let’s go over how you can complete the summon first mate part of Destiny 2’s Season of Plunder triumph.

How to Upgrade Your Pirate Crew to First Mate in Destiny 2

Upgrading your crew members to first mate rank is quite simple. You just need to spend the Repute on the corresponding upgrade for each crew member, similar to the maps for Crude Ciphers. Three crew members can be upgraded to first mate rank so you will need three Repute for the upgrade as well as enough Repute spent to unlock the first mate upgrades. If you have been completing all of the weekly challenges for Repute you should have more than enough to fully upgrade your crew


How to Summon First Mate Crew in Destiny 2

Once you have all three of your crew members upgraded to first mate rank, you simply need to summon them to get progress toward the seasonal triumph. You can only summon your crew during the two seasonal activities. Two sets of crew members can be summoned during the Ketcrash activity when you are on the deck of the ship and during the individual rooms inside the ship. As you enter the areas, you should see banner flags that you can interact with to summon your crew members.


Make sure you are the person to interact with the flags to be guaranteed progress toward your triumph. You will know when crew members are summoned as you will have a buff on the side of your screen alerting you that crew members are summoned. Make sure to pay attention to if the buff is up or not as the crew members are only active for a set amount of time and will de-summon while you are fighting in a room.

If your crew members de-summon before you finish the fight in a room, you can go back up to the flag and interact with it again to resummon them. This should count as another summon toward your triumph.

The third and final crew member can be found in the Expedition activity as you gather treasure. At each site that you are drilling at you should once again see a set of banners that you can interact with to summon your crew. Once the treasure reaches the final point there will be a third and final set of banners to again summon your crew. This means each activity will give you at least three chances to summon your crew and gain progress for your triumph.

Make sure to pay attention to your crew summoned buff during the Expedition since the crew can be de-summoned while you are fighting just like they can be during Ketcrash. You can re-summon them by interacting with the banner again and this should count as extra progress toward your triumph, which makes this part of the seasonal triumph much easier than finding and killing ruffians.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia.

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