Destiny 2 Player Creates Master Chief — Ghost, Cortana, and All!

Eyes up, Spartan.

by Noah Nelson
Image: 343 Industries / Bungie, remixed by Attack of the Fanboy

Fashion in Destiny 2 has always been a highlight and now, a creative Destiny 2 player has created the best replica of Master Chief from Halo we’ve seen so far. This Master Chief look was achieved by a Hunter named DredgeSpectre on Reddit. Here’s the Master Chief look in Destiny 2 and how to make it yourself.

How to Create Master Chief in Destiny 2

DredgeSpectre isn’t the first to try recreating Master Chief in Destiny 2, but this might be the best attempt we’ve ever seen. Have a look at the Master Chief replica for yourself.

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If you want to create Master Chief in Destiny 2, you need to start with a Hunter. From there, here are the armor Ornaments and shaders you need for the look:

  • Head – Gumshoe Gumption Mask
    • Shader – Malachite Gold
  • Chest – Machined Skirmisher Vest
    • Shader – Old Growth
  • Arms – Renewal Grasps
    • Shader – Old Growth
  • Legs – Deep Explorer Strides
    • Shader – Wayfarer’s Guise
  • Cloak – Deimosborn Cloak
    • Shader – Rasmussen Clan

If you want to complete the look with the right weapons, you’ll need the Bungie 30th Anniversary expansion to get the BxR-55 Battler and Forerunner. These are two weapons that purposefully look like Master Chief’s main weapons in the Halo franchise.

From there, you can make your Ghost look as Cortana as possible by getting the Cosmos Shell and the Ultra Plasmic shader. You can also get your Sparrow to look like a Ghost (the levitating vehicle in Halo) with the Inspired Eidolon Sparrow and the Bergusian Night shader.

If you combine all of this together, you can confidently play Destiny 2 as Master Chief. Every nearby Guardian will be jealous of your incredible fashion choices and your friends will definitely want to create their own Master Chief lookalike.

- This article was updated on April 6th, 2023

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