Destiny 2 Pressure Trials Triumph Guide: How to Start Pressure Trials in Deep Dives

Here is how to complete Destiny 2 Season of the Deep Pressure Trials in Deep Dives.

by Noah Nelson
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Destiny 2 Season of the Deep has two main activities and Deep Dive, the roguelite-eqsue one, has a secret mode called Pressure Trials. To complete the Pressure Trials Triumph, which is a secret triumph for the Aquanaut Title and a Season of the Deep Ritual Triumph, you need to complete the Pressure Trials in Deep Dives. Here is how to activate and complete Destiny 2 Pressure Trials in Deep Dives.

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How to Start Pressure Trials in Destiny 2 Deep Dives

In Destiny 2 Deep Dive activities, you’ll come to a section where you place a Egregore Resonator. During this section, a timer will appear which gives you about five minutes until reinforcements come. To complete the Pressure Trials, you need to be at this section and beat the encounter before the timer runs out.

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To start Pressure Trials during a Deep Dive, you need to find the ball of light and interact with it.

Every Guardian on your team needs to interact with it to start the Pressure Trials. If you aren’t on a mic, I recommend shooting at the ball of light or waiting by it until your teammates know that you want to start the Pressure Trials.

After everyone has interacted with the ball of light, Taken balls will spawn. Destroy all of them in this arena. Once they are all cleared, you’ll hear Xivu Arath say, “MINE BLADE IS AN INVITATION.”

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From here on out, complete this section as fast as possible like normal. To get more time during this section, destroy the Servitor with an orange health bar. Each Servitor destroyed adds 15 seconds.

How to Complete Pressure Trials in Destiny 2 Deep Dives

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If you have finished this section with time to spare, the Pressure Trials will start. This is indicated by the mission prompt at the top left of the screen.

With Pressure Trials started, you’ll need to complete the required task which is most likely going to be more of what you just finished, but the enemies are harder. You’ll definitely want to watch out for the exploding shanks as they killed me more times than I’m proud to admit.

If you complete the Pressure Trial within the time, you’ll earn the Pressure Trials Triumph. This will unlock in the Season of the Deep Ritual Triumphs, but the Aquanaut Secret Triumph won’t unlock just yet because you need to do the Pressure Trials in all three Deep Dive encounters.

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With the Pressure Trial completed, finish the level as normal. At the end, you’ll get Tier 3 loot as a bonus for completing the Pressure Trial. I always recommend completing the Pressure Trial to get better loot at the end of the Deep Dive. Now, you can try your luck at completing the Big Fish Triumph.

- This article was updated on May 30th, 2023

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