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Destiny 2 Ritual Weapons Guide for Season of Dawn

You're just 1.. 2.. 3 steps closer to getting that Savior Title.

by Jess Menga


Season of Dawn Ritual Weapons Guide

With Season 9 set to close on March 9th, many Guardians are scrambling to obtain the Destiny 2 Ritual Weapons that form three components of the Season of Dawn Badge: the Buzzard, the Komodo-4FR, and the Python Ritual Weapon. While these Masterwork-optional Ritual Weapons are not set to disappear anytime soon, Destiny 2 players have been rushing to procure them before the season’s end because of their contribution to the Season of Dawn Badge, one of the main elements of the highly sought-after Savior Title. And unlike these Ritual Weapons, the Dawn Seal Savior Title will in fact be inaccessible once Season 9 has concluded. Whatever your reason for wanting these weapons, though, this guide is here to help.

Buzzard – Legendary Kinetic Sidearm


How to Get the Buzzard

  • Speak to Zavala, Commander of the Vanguard, in the Tower.
  • Pick up the quest, Anything That Moves, which requires:
    • 400 kills with a Sidearm
    • 50 kills while airborne with a Sidearm
    • 10,000 points earned all while in a Vanguard Strike
  • Recommendations for efficiency:
    • Use a Solar Sidearm (best for Molten Glory Vanguard quest)
    • Only run the Nightfall Prestige Playlist to efficiently gain points

Perks of the Buzzard – Curated Roll

  • Adaptive Frame (Exotic Intrinsic)
  • Extended Barrel (Legendary Barrel)
  • Alloy Magazine (Legendary Magazine)
  • Outlaw / Fourth Time’s the Charm (Legendary Traits)
  • Osmosis / Swashbuckler (Legendary Traits)

Komodo-4FR – Legendary Solar Linear Fusion Rifle


How to Get the Komodo-4FR

  • Speak to Lord Shaxx, Crucible Handler, in the Tower.
  • Pick up the quest, Heart of the Dragon, which requires:
    • 125 final blows with a Linear Fusion Rifle
    • 15 precision final blows with a Linear Fusion Rifle
    • Achievement of a Glory rank of “Heroic” in Crucible matches
  • Recommendations for efficiency:
    • Use the Arbalest if you have it (Kinetic LFRs don’t require Heavy Ammo)
    • If no Arbalest, any Linear Fusion Rifle will do, but it’ll take longer

Perks of the Komodo-4FR – Curated Roll

  • Precision Frame (Exotic Intrinsic)
  • Polygonal Rifling (Legendary Barrel)
  • Accelerated Coils (Legendary Battery)
  • No Distractions / Moving Target (Legendary Traits)
  • Eye of the Storm / Box Breathing (Legendary Traits)

Python – Legendary Void Shotgun


How to Get the Python

  • Speak to the Drifter, Gambit Host, in the Tower.
  • Pick up the quest, Get Closer, which requires:
    • 500 final blows with a Shotgun
    • 150 precision final blows with a Shotgun
    • Achievement of an Infamy rank of “Heroic” in Crucible matches
  • Recommendations for efficiency:
    • If available, use Tractor Cannon with Kinetic or Energy Shotgun
    • Killing a Guardian with a Shotgun awards not just 1, but 10 points

Perks of the Python – Curated Roll

  • Aggressive Frame (Exotic Intrinsic)
  • Smallbore (Legendary Barrel)
  • Extended Mag (Legendary Magazine)
  • Overflow / Feeding Frenzy (Legendary Traits)
  • Shield Disorient / One-Two Punch (Legendary Traits)

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