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Destruction AllStars: How to Mute Other Players

Thankfully, you can mute everyone's microphones while you're playing.

by Diego Perez


Wondering how to mute other players in Destruction AllStars? It’s the newest PlayStation Plus game, so tons of players are jumping into the destruction derby mayhem now that it’s out for free. Strangely, the game places everyone into game chat automatically, so you will hear everything from the other players’ microphones once you find a match. You can mute everyone else, but the process of doing so is a bit complicated. Here’s how to mute other players in Destruction AllStars.

How to Mute Players in Destruction AllStars

To mute voice chat in Destruction AllStars, press the PlayStation button to bring up the system menu. Then, press the Square button while hovering over the Voice Chat card. This will mute all other players in your session.

To recap, here’s how to mute other players in Destruction AllStars.

  1. Press the PlayStation button.
  2. Find the Game Chat card.
  3. Press the Square button to mute voice chat.


It works this way because Destruction AllStars handles voice chat differently than most other games. The game basically creates a temporary party and places every player in the session inside. It will disband the voice chat after each match, but you’ll be placed into a new voice chat group with new players every time you find a new match.

You can get around this by creating a PSN party of your own. You can either sit in there alone by yourself or you can invite your friend group and play together. If you’re using party chat, then you won’t have to worry about game chat at all.


Game chat is a part of the Destruction AllStars experience, but it can get annoying hearing 16 other players at once. This is especially true given that the DualSense controller has a built-in microphone, so some people will be broadcasting the noise from their television and their surroundings through their controller’s microphone and into your ears. It’s fun to hear other players when you score a sweet KO or wreck their car, but it’s not fun to listen to other peoples’ music blasting through their microphones or hear someone loudly munching on chips while you’re trying to enjoy the game.

Destruction AllStars is available now on PlayStation 5.

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