DMZ Air Support Mission Guide: How to Buy Killstreaks

Check out how to complete the White Lotus Air Support mission in Warzone DMZ.

by Franklin Bellone Borges
Image: Activision

In order to complete the Tier 1 White Lotus Air Support Mission and get the LA-B 330 in Warzone DMZ, players are tasked with getting a Killstreak while deployed. And although it is possible to get Killstreaks by defeating commanders, as well as by opening supply boxes and other special crates around the game’s many maps, the easiest way to get one can be done by purchasing it. But how can you do that?

How to Buy Killstreaks and Complete the Air Support Mission in DMZ

You can purchase Killstreaks in DMZ by heading to any of the Buy Stations featured in your map of choice  —Al Mazrah, Vondel, Ashika Island, etc— before selecting Gear and then your desired Killstreak among the items under the Limited Stock section.

Each of the available Buy Stations will offer a different Killstreak/Killstreak selection. Each Killstreak will also cost around 10,000+ dollars. As you can see in the image below, the Mortar Strike Killstreak will cost you a total of 10,800 dollars.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

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Now that you know how to buy Killstreaks in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2’s DMZ mode, you will be able to complete the Air Support Mission by simply exiting a map with it on your inventory.

How to Get Money Fast in Warzone DMZ

If you are short on funds and thus need to get around 10K fast in order to get a Killstreak, the easiest way to get good amounts of cash in DMZ can be done by opening safes, as each one is guaranteed to net you around 20,000 Dollars.

With that said. if you are looking to efficiently earn and manage resources, we highly recommend that you unlock the wallet as fast as possible, as the upgrade will allow you to keep your hard-earned money after each successful deployment. You can check out how to unlock the wallet in our How to Unlock the Wallet in Warzone 2 DMZ guide.

This guide was made while playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2: Warzone DMZ on PlayStation 5.

- This article was updated on July 27th, 2023

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