DMZ Superpowers: Where to Find Temp V in Warzone DMZ

This guide will cover how to find Temp V Superpowers in Warzone DMZ.

by Christian Bognar
Call of Duty The Boys Crossover
Image: Activision

Have you noticed some enemies or teammates with superpowers in DMZ? Well, they probably have found a Temp V Field upgrade somewhere on the map. In a recent update, Activision added superpower abilities in its crossover with the popular show The Boys. Read further to learn where to find Temp V in Call of Duty: DMZ.

How to Find Temp V Superpowers in Warzone DMZ?

Simply put, Temp V is randomly generated and can be found in loot crates scattered across the DMZ map. There is no way to predict where Temp V will spawn in Warzone DMZ, so your best bet is to search far and wide for loot crates if you would like to acquire superpowers. Temp V is easy to spot as it has clear green coloring.

Players can also find Temp V by killing enemy operators, acquiring them from their corpses, or simply finding them on the ground. Once you find a Temp V Field Upgrade, inject the serum to get one of the four superpowers available. Read further to learn about all the superpowers and their effect in DMZ.

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All Temp V Superpowers in Warzone DMZ

There are four Temp V superpowers in Call of Duty DMZ. Once players inject the serum from the Temp V Field Upgrade, they will acquire one at random.

  • Charge Jump – Players can jump incredibly high for great distances. Players will become immune to fall damage while this ability is active, and landing on the ground will cause an explosion, damaging everyone nearby.
  • Electric Shockwave – Players will be equipped with an electrifying blast. The blast will damage players, disable vehicles, and make equipment inactive.
  • Laser Vision – Grants the user with the power to levitate and unleash laser beams that can cut through enemy players.
  • Teleport – When activated, players will gain the ability to teleport quickly in the direction they are facing.

Each Temp V superpower will be helpful, depending on your current situation. For example, teleport got me out of a pickle when I found myself surrounded, allowing me to escape battle and find cover instantly.

- This article was updated on July 18th, 2023

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