Does Atomic Heart Have Cloud Save? – Answered

Take your progress anywhere you go.

by J.T. Isenhour
Image: Mundfish

Something we have come to expect from many modern games is the ability to save our games to the cloud. Atomic Heart is no exception. The game is quite long and if you are playing outside of your home, like at a friend’s house, you will want to be able to keep that progress once you get back to your console or PC. Let’s go over if Atomic Heart has cloud saving and how to enable it.

How to Cloud Save Your Game in Atomic Heart

Current generation consoles have access to cloud saving as long as you have a subscription to their online service. So if you are playing on Xbox or Playstation you should be ok. But PC does not have native cloud saving unless you are playing on Steam. So if you are on Game Pass, make sure that each game you are playing has cloud saves. Luckily, Atomic Heart does seem to support cloud saves on Game Pass.

Cloud saves allow you to upload your save of a game and then download it onto another system and pick right up where you left off. The big issue with cloud saving is that it is tied to the platform you are playing the game on rather than the game itself.

Since Atomic Heart is such a long game, you might not be able to finish it all in one sitting. If you start playing the game on something that isn’t your home system, you will obviously want to transfer your save game back to your personal system. That’s where cloud saving comes in.

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How to Upload a Cloud Save on Consoles

For the most part, cloud saving on consoles is automatic. As long as you have it enabled, which can be done through your system or account settings, any saves you make in a game will automatically be uploaded to the cloud.

You can manage your cloud saves of games by going into your saved data for each game and either deleting or manually uploading a specific save if it is not already on the cloud. But for most people, just saving your game should do the trick.

How to Upload Clouds Saves on Steam

Just like consoles, Steam cloud saving is done automatically each time you exit a game as long as you don’t turn it off. Steam can run into issues with uploading or downloading the cloud save of your game, but it will notify you of this when it happens so you can fix it on the spot.

If you are worried that your save might not be saved to the cloud, you can check the status of the cloud save by looking right next to the play button on the games page in your library. It will tell you if there is a cloud save available for your game and if it is up to date or not.

If there is an issue with your cloud save either not uploading or downloading, this are will have a button for you to click on that will attempt to manually upload or download the latest save available. Any further settings you might want to edit with cloud saves can be done through the cloud settings in the Steam settings window.

Hopefully, Gamepass will soon add a platform-wide cloud save feature rather than it being a per-game basis. However, it does seem to have the ability to carry over Atomic Heart saves on the cloud. You just need to be logged in on the same Microsoft account on any device you want to access the save on.

- This article was updated on February 23rd, 2023