How to Transfer Atomic Heart Save File From Gamepass to Steam?

You tried it but now you wanna keep it.

by J.T. Isenhour
Image: Mundfish

Many gamers were skeptical about Atomic Heart. They were worried if the game would manage to live up to all the hype it had surrounding it. Luckily, Atomic Heart came out on Gamepass which allowed everyone to try it first to see if they would like the game before buying it fully. Once you have made your mind up about the game, you don’t want to have to replay the intro again on Steam. Let’s go over how to move your saved date for Atomic Heart from one platform to another.

How To Move Your Saved Data For Atomic Heart

Whether you just want to own the game rather than have access to it through Gamepass, or you ran into the “Available in the Full Version of the game” error and want to try the steam version. Whatever the reason, it is quite simple to move your saved data from Gamepass to Steam.

All you need to do is make sure you have saved your game on the Gamepass version of the game. Then you just need to copy the files from the Gamepass save location to the Steam save location.

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Where To Find Your Gamepass Save of Atomic Heart

Once you have made sure that you have saved your game through Gamepass’s version of Atmoic Hearts, you will want to close the game and open your file browser. Once it is open you will want to navigate to C:/Users/’Username’/AppData/Local/Packages, make sure that the ‘Username’ is replaced with your username on your computer.

Once there you will want to find a folder with Atomic Hearts in the name. The folder will generally have the name of the game followed by a bunch of random numbers and letters. Go inside the folder and select the SystemAppData folder. Inside that folder, you will want to find the wgs folder.

This is the folder that will contain both your save file as well as some sort of container file that the Xbox app uses to identify the save file. Make a copy of the save file and not the container file. Now you will want to place that copy of your save file into your steam version of the game

Where to Put Your Save Data In The Steam Version of Atomic Heart

Before you move your saved data to Steam, you will want to go ahead and download Atomic Heart and launch it through Steam. Just to make sure that all the files that are needed for the game are already in the right place.

After you have done that, you will want to quickly make a new game in Atomic Hearts and get to the point that it saves. As soon as it saves, you will want to close the game and navigate to your Steam download folder and into the userdata folder there.

Inside that folder, you will want to sort all of the files by recently modified. You can simplify it even more by using the search bar to filter out any files that were not modified today. Now it is just looking around the folders until you find a save file that looks similar to the one you copied out of your Gamepass version of Atomic Heart and replace it.

This should allow you to pick right up from where you left off on the Gamepass version of the game. You can now safely delete the Gamepass version of Atomic Heart once you know the save transfer worked. You can also cancel your subscription to gamepass if you only got it to try out Atomic Heart.

- This article was updated on February 21st, 2023