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Does Back 4 Blood Have Split Screen

Will couch co-op make its return...?
Back 4 Blood team preparing for the fight

Back 4 Blood has made its landing into spooky season with an impactful splatter of zombie flesh this October. The game has seen a vast amount of players from around the world taking on the mantle of the characters battling against the horde of zombies that charge towards them. Many of whom will be playing the game in Co-Op and you may be wondering if there is a Back 4 Blood split-screen mode. This guide article will let you know everything about the game’s multiplayer functionality.

Back 4 Blood Doesn’t Support Split Screen

Unfortunately, there is no Back 4 Blood Split-screen functionality for players to enjoy as of the time of writing. The game focuses on online co-op instead of the traditional couch co-op feature that so many will be familiar with.

This doesn’t mean that the game will never have a split-screen option though, the developers have never ruled out the possibility of having the mode in the future but there is no confirmation or rumours that the feature will be added yet.

How to Play Online Co-Op With Other Players

Although the game doesn’t support couch co-op, it does, however, support crossplay with full crossplay support across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, allowing everyone to join up together and begin slaughtering the zombie horde together with their chosen partners.

In order to begin playing co-op in Back 4 Blood, firstly you will have to navigate to the social tab in the game menu. Afterwards, you will be able to find your friends and invite them into your game session. If you want to add a friend from a different platform, you will need to press the ‘Add Friends’ button in the top right corner of the screen. Search for the player by their user ID and search it. Send a friend request to them and the receiver will then be able to accept it.

Back 4 Blood is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

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