Does Divine Knockout Have Cross Progression?

Divine Knockout players have been wondering if there is cross-progression.

by Gordon Bicker

Divine Knockout has many features to keep players happy and something people have been wondering is if it actually has cross-progression. Whether you are playing through the game to bide your time until you work out just how many monsters are in Dragon Quest Treasures or are simply enjoying the game, this question may still be on your mind. Thankfully, this article will answer your questions and inform you if Divine Knockout has cross-progression.

Is There Cross Progression for Divine Knockout?

Yes! Divine Knockout surprisingly has cross-progression across every platform that it is available on. This means that you will always keep your progress no matter what one you are playing on at any given time. if you find yourself trying the game on PlayStation but then decide that you’d like to try the PC version of the experience on Steam. You can do that without any worry of losing your progress.

However, you will need to manually link your account in order to take advantage of cross-progression functionality.

How to Set up Cross Progression for Divine Knockout

In order to allow for cross-progression you will have to proceed to the linking page on the official website which can be visited through this link. From there you can select the icon with the platform that you play Divine Knockout on. Sign in with your details and then once you have done so you will be taken to a page with the other platforms visible for you to connect including one of them with your account name inside that you just linked.

Simply connect other accounts which you would like to have cross-progression on after this point. You can also set an account as your primary account by pressing the star outline icon at the top left of an account box. Time to get back to Divine Knockout and enjoy all of the cross-progression benefits. Before you start looking for the best Minecraft Woodland Mansion Seeds, it may be worth checking this game out!

Divine Knockout is available now for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

- This article was updated on December 12th, 2022

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