Does Dragon Quest Treasures Have Co-Op Multiplayer?

Can you play this title with friends? Find out here!

by Shaun Cichacki

In the globe-trotting adventures of Dragon Quest Treasures, players will be able to take control of either Erik or Mia. These loveable characters that most recently debuted in Dragon Quest XI set off across the world in search of massive treasures, and their story leads up to the events of the most recent entry of the franchise.

However, players are hoping with multiple characters brings the potential for co-op Multiplayer, much like Dragon Quest Builders 2 had to offer. With Square Enix recently revealing that the title will have multiplayer features, does this mean gamers will be able to jump into an open-world adventure with their friends or is this something else entirely?

Are There Multiplayer Features In Dragon Quest Treasures?

Gamers hoping to jump into this title with a friend may be a bit disappointed when they learn that the multiplayer segments do not extend to Co-Op gameplay. While there is the ability to play with friends, it seems like it is taking a more hands-off approach, rather than letting gamers get into some debauchery together.

Recently revealed by the Dragon Quest Twitter Account, it seems that the multiplayer aspects of this title are going to take the side of minigames and side missions, rather than a full-blown cooperative aspect. Players will be able to hide treasures for their friends to find, and help them sell items for more money, but will not be able to jump into the world with a buddy.

While this may be a bit disappointing, especially after the hoot that Dragon Quest Builders 2 was with a friend, there are still opportunities to mess around with a friend. Hiding a worthless treasure in a hard-to-reach area could let havoc into their game, and cause gamers the chance to mess around with their friends without them even knowing.

If players are hoping to partake in some mild multiplayer hijinks, they’ll just need to speak to AL4N at their base and start their debauchery quickly. Accessing the Gang Menu will give players the chance to jump into any of these options:

  • Treasure Hunt
  • Treasure Tours
  • View Profiles

The best part about this, however, is players do not need a Nintendo Switch Online account to access these features, allowing all gamers to mess around with their friends. By accessing the Treasure Hunt menu, players will have these options to choose from:

  • Hide Treasure
  • Seek Treasure
  • Randomiser
  • Your Hidden Treasures

They’ll always have something to look forward to when booting up this action RPG, especially if they’re hoping to play a few pranks on unsuspecting friends that have also picked this title up. To learn about all of the multiplayer features that will be in this game, check out Square Enix’s Official Blog for more details.

Dragon Quest Treasures will be available on December 9 for Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on December 5th, 2022

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