Does Nitro Stream Racing Have Codes? Explained

Race to the codes!

by Noah Nelson

Nitro Stream Racing is a brand-new racing game that can only be hosted by popular Twitch streamers and can be played by anyone in the chat. It’s a wacky idea that could explode into something fantastic. If you are looking for special codes for Nitro Stream Racing, you’ve come to the right place.

Nitro Stream Racing Codes, Explained

While Nitro Stream Racing sounds like it may be associated with Discord Nitro, it isn’t. Instead, Nitro Stream Racing is its own thing associated with Twitch and YouTube streamers.

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Nitro Stream Racing features race tracks, customizable characters, and interchangeable characters. While Nitro Stream Racing does not have any codes available, there are plenty of Twitch Drops to get.

Since Nitro Stream Racing is a game based solely on Twitch, Twitch Drops will be frequent and easy to get. Tons of games, including Destiny 2, have Twitch Drops that come and go, but Nitro Stream Racing almost always has a Twitch Drop to snag.

Nitro Stream Racing also has a Race Pass that features cars, wheels, and more as you gain experience. The game also has a Partner Program in which you can host Nitro Stream Racing games and customize your own skins for the cars, wraps, flags, honks, racers, and much more.

If you are part of the Partner Program, you can make a 40-50% commission on any sold custom skins. This is pretty amazing and can be a good way for streamers to make money.

Nitro Stream Racing is an exciting game that is great for streamers and viewers to enjoy. Though it doesn’t have any codes you can input to immediately get rewards like what’s available in specific Roblox games, you can get Twitch drops, Race Pass rewards, and even real money if you join the Partner Program.

- This article was updated on March 15th, 2023