Does Ship of Fools Have Cross Play or Cross Progression?

Yes, we can cross the seas, but can we cross play and cross progress?

by Noah Nelson

Ship of Fools is an upcoming indie game that people, especially people who love couch co-op, shouldn’t sleep on. For single and multiplayer, Ship of Fools has a lot to offer, but does it have cross play and cross progression? Here’s your answer.

Cross Play and Cross Progression Explained in Ship of Fools

The short answer is no, Ship of Fools does not currently have cross play or cross progression. Cross play, if you don’t know, is whether or not a game can play online with other consoles. Cross progression, if you don’t know, is whether or not a game can carry over your saved progress onto a different platform.

Though cross play and cross progression aren’t currently in Ship of Fools it does not mean those features will never be in the game. Fika Productions, the development team behind Ship of Fools, is dedicated to beefing Ship of Fools up even after launch. Ship of Fools will be a mini live-service indie game which means that new content and new features will be introduced into the game incrementally after launch.

Since Ship of Fools is launching onto many platforms, it is sad to see the game not initially have cross play. Though Ship of Fools is playable and enjoyable solo, it really shines when playing online or couch co-op. for example, it is a shame that a PlayStation player can’t play together with a PC player. We hope to see cross play make it to Ship of Fools soon.

Though cross progression isn’t as important as cross play in a game like Ship of Fools, it would be nice to see that feature. If you really love Ship of Fools and want to play it on multiple consoles, you’ll need to have separate saves for each console.

As we said, these features could get introduced into the game later, but at launch, Ship of Fools will not have cross play or cross progression.

Ship of Fools will be available November 22, 2022, on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

- This article was updated on November 15th, 2022

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