Dying Light 2: Should You Tell Dodger About Hubert? – The Ball is in Your Court Quest

Here is your guide for The Ball is in Your Court quest.

by Noah Nelson


The Ball is in your Court quest in Dying Light 2 will have you confronting Dodger. While he is very intimidating, if you hold your ground and make the right choices, he won’t hurt a fly. Here is your guide to making the right choices with Dodger in Dying Light 2 including if you should rat out Hubert or defend him.

Dying Light 2 is filled with interesting quests. Some have bigger impacting decisions than others. If you need a guide for a tricky quest or you just want to figure out how to repair your weapon, check out our guides. We cover a little bit of everything.


Dying Light 2 Dodger Decisions

Dodger is found in the Bazaar and will request you to check on Hubert. Finding Hubert can be a challenge. On the top floor of the house, you’ll find some footsteps by using your survival sense. Follow those to a hole that exposes the inside of the wall. Climb up it and you’ll have access to Hubert’s room.

After talking with Hubert, you realize that he isn’t being insubordinate to Dodger, he just injured his leg and can’t do any jobs at the moment. Because of this, you’ll need to take on Hubert’s assigned work to please Dodger. Hubert will direct you to a garage with military equipment ripe for the picking.

Once you reach the marked place, you’ll find Mark and Jonas. They are too scared to go down the elevator shaft and into the garage to get the supplies. So you will need to. Be careful, infected will be everywhere and there will be Howlers.

Upon entering the garage, stay left of the cars and continue down to the end of the room to avoid the first batch of infected. Take the stairs up and through the door at the end of the hall. Here, take a right by jumping down to the ground level. Carefully avoid the rest of the infected as you make your way around and into the military section.

This is a lot of great loot here and no infected, so take your time and grab it all. Once you’ve collected all five supplies, make your way back up via the way you came. At the top, Mark and Jonas will have friends and you will need to make a five-second decision whether to split the supplies or kill the men.

After your decision, return to Hubert to tell him all is good. Return to Dodger at the Bazaar and decide if you rat Hubert out or defend him. If you choose to stand up for Hubert, Dodger will respect it, and Klaus, the leader of the group that ambushed you will appear. If you choose to rat Hubert out, Dodger won’t be pleased.

The quest will end either way and you’ll have to live with your consequences. Though there are no heavy penalties for picking one choice over another, the choice is up to you. For more quest help or for anything else Dying Light 2 related, check out Attack of the Fanboy.

Dying Light 2 is available now PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

- This article was updated on February 4th, 2022

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