Dying Light 2: Tell Carl You’re a Sheep or a Wolf?

Here is your guide on whether to pick sheep, wolf, or neither with Carl.

by Noah Nelson


One of the early decisions you’ll need to make in Dying Light 2 is telling Carl if you are a sheep or a wolf. Similar to the decision you’ll have to make with Aitor, this choice with Carl could change your relationship with the Survivors. Here is what each decision will lead to in Dying Light 2.

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Dying Light 2 Sheep or Wolf

When you first stumble into Villador, you’ll encounter the Survivors first. And while you’ll encounter Aitor and the Peacekeepers soon after, the impression you leave on the Survivors will matter. With Carl being the leader of the Survivors, his opinion of you might matter the most. This encounter with Carl is a natural progression of the story, so don’t worry about missing it.

Once you meet Carl for the first time, he will talk to you about the Survivors and the Peacekeepers. He will ask you if you are a sheep or a wolf. As a third option, you can opt out of Carl’s strange and loaded question.

If you choose sheep, thinking that that is the right answer to be welcomed as a Survivor, you’d be wrong. Upon choosing sheep, Carl will respond with “that is exactly what a wolf would say”. Apparently, Carl is skeptical of everyone. But hey, maybe you are a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

If you choose wolf or that you don’t like this metaphor, Carl will respond similarly but differently. It being a role-playing game, your decision with Carl doesn’t have a massive impact on the rest of the game, but your answer will stick with you as you continue to navigate the world as your own Aiden.

There are many decisions like this one throughout the game that, instead of moving the world, moves you. Whether you side with the Peacekeepers or the Survivors is not determined right then and there with your answer to Carl. So, play it out as you wish.

Now that you know Carl isn’t so bad, you’re free to role-play your way through the rest of the game. For more Dying Light 2 guides, come check out Attack of the Fanboy.

Dying Light 2 is available now PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

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